Feb 04

Redneck Pride

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dis is how dey do it in dey south!


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  1. B17Boy

    0:24 is what you came here for.

  2. MrKolt2112

    @tatonkasmith1 so that explains it…cool story bro

  3. mynameschrisee

    @tatonkasmith1 That is amazing! Haha

  4. bosaap10

    im not from the US im from europe, the netherlands. still i support red necks i think they’re right. and if anybody tells me teh US sucks i tell them to go fuck them selves. long live teh US

  5. tatonkasmith1

    I’ve never met a Canadian that wasn’t old and wrinkly, but I live in AZ…

  6. 101Jared

    @s743bd I am no Yankee sir, yeah Im a prick, we all are. If you wish to know, I am Canadian, yes I grew up/ have lived in cities most of my life. But I have also lived in small towns, and thats good man congrats, I never said you were stupid or they were stupid.. just ignorant and or racists.. so I mean.

  7. s743bd

    @mynameschrisee Amen.

  8. s743bd

    @101Jared Jared, that is pretty sad. I’m a redneck because I grew up in NC on a farm. We had to work in the sun (caused the red neck), but had a lot of fun. My dad was born in a log cabin in the foothills, and sent his three sons to college. My oldest brother was a Duke PHD. My other brother and I got our BSBA degrees. So I guess what I’m saying is that you are obviously an ignorant yankee or some other kind or prick that can kiss my ass. F U..

  9. 44livingston

    This song was originally wrote by Issac Peyton Sweat,,, I went to school with his daughter, had the oppritunity (spelling) of meeting him once @ a benefit in Beaumont Tx. !!!! great vid btw !!!

  10. 101Jared

    I have never met a red-neck that is not ignorant or racist in one way or another. So until I do, I will think what everyone thinks about Red necks and hillbilles.

  11. Passmore246

    @Shane11967 Sir, what you have been describing here is called a “hick” or ” white trash”. And they don’t just live in the south. Also, only people from Tennessee can be true rednecks. The term came from the coal miners revolt because the workers wore red bandanas around their necks

  12. mynameschrisee

    If you don’t like the topic of the video so much then get the fuck off the videos page. No one gives a shit. So take your bullshit elsewhere.

  13. outlawrogues

    Here’s for all you jabber-jawing city-folks: If it came down to survival, you city-slickers would starve miserably. I would then use you for bait. us hillbillies would be livin’ high on the hog livin’ off the land. Ya ain’t so smart now are ya.

  14. StJamesapostle

    NEVER mind monitoring the oil lets get it out and sell it – Sell it Help Canada get RICH for a change we have a chance to be ahead of the world – - LETS DO IT- – - – Get a crew to start making 3 refinerys in Canada West Mid central and EAST theres lots of welders jus waiting for work pipers etc – - Come On Canada wake up – - – -

  15. BalladOfThinMan

    These pics and video inspires most of you people? >>shakes head

  16. alphakenny1up

    @Shane11967 As much as people think that they are, they’re not. minorities will always be the leaders of keeping it in the family.

  17. WelakaWombat

    Thanks to Jeff Foxworthy people confuse White Trash with Rednecks. A redneck will be at work in the morning and in Church on Sunday.. He will love his wife and his children and his neighbors and offer everyone the same respect they don’t bother to give him.

  18. wildeyedredneck

    @gf3030 took the words right outta my mouth!

  19. gf3030

    @Shane11967 Theres no denial at all, it is obvious you have no idea what your talking about.
    Maybe the people you have been around are trailer trash or these dumbass posers living in the cities thinking there rednecks. Real rednecks, we live in the country, do the hardest work, may not be educated, but can do a hell of a lot more than you.

  20. Shane11967

    Rednecks ARE loud, violent bullies, dirty, socially dysfunctional, and have lower than avarage iq’s. Redneck areas are lowclass white ghettos. The only people who deny this are rednecks. It’s like a cokcroach doesn’t realize it’s a cockroach. This is why these cave people will never progress and know what real pride is.

  21. Shane11967

    @alphakenny1up Rednecks are the exception

  22. Shane11967

    @gf3030 Again with the denial and spitting on somebodies years of experience with different types of people that I’ve tried to point out before. Just read through all of my post again but slower and with an open objective “mind”.

  23. GirlyGamers101

    @fizzizat lol, thats where im from!! ALABAMA PRIDE!!! :)

  24. fizzizat

    greetings from alabama!!!!!!!

  25. FloridaCoastalGuy

    I enjoyed the video!

    The Dodge dually/stretch limo looks first-class.

    If it had a modern style, smooth corner camper exactly the same white color as the limo, that long Dodge truck would be unique.

    I wonder if there is a thoroughfare between the lower front of the camper and the back window of the truck’s cab.

    Thanks for the lol.

  26. pho20jo

    funny vid but the music sucks ass. get with some real country for god’s sake man.

  27. TheJason97477

    you know something, I think that was a very intelligent thing to say. After reading that comment I was thinking the same thing about you as well as any other ignorant pit stain. ha ha you sure have a way with words you got me all choked up, I think my feelings were really hurt by that comment.

  28. MrAnky420

    @2pacthugzta RIGHT YEEEHAAAWWWW

  29. MrAnky420

    @LeftOfTheDevil i agree with kkk6898 we are a bunch of southern born redneck too the bone country folks and honestly by the sound of it ur just alittle fuckin nigger loving pussy whip bitch learn from us cause when ur beloved earth goes to shit COUNTRY FOLK WILL SURVIVE cause WE KNOW HOW TO

  30. MrAnky420

    @TheJason97477 ok I stand for all the rednecks when i say YALL better watch ur mouth because when it comes down to it ur just another little bit of cum that ur mamma should have swallowed



  32. makvinet


  33. kkk6898

    Left of devil or whatever the fuck ur name is go away and leave us rednecks the fuck alone I’ll be as racist as I wanna be I’m fucking souther born and raised I have a confederate flag flying in my room so take ur liberal shit and shove it up ur Nigger loving ass and go die

  34. LeftOfTheDevil

    All humans are made of the same organic and decaying Matter. The only difference is that they grew up at another Place on the same damn Earth. All racist should suck their guns und pull the trigger.

    I hope sometime all people in the world see that we all are sitting in the same Boat. Yeah Earth again, but the ocean is an empty heartless space. Fight as a Team or die alone.

  35. SouthernDirtbiker

    @emutiny So Agreed..

  36. emutiny

    “rednecks” as some say are the nicest people ive met. Why the hate?

  37. Clavier35

    I do love that music…

  38. alabamaboy357

    @2pacthugzta shhut up nigger you dont know shit come down to alabama ill kill ya like the bastard you are

  39. 2pacthugzta

    Hold out your hands in front of you, know what that’s called in the south? Redneck silverware!

  40. 2pacthugzta

    @alabamaboy357 stfu you racist cracker, get back in the mud you white trash punk

  41. alabamaboy357

    @ifitaintwhiteburnit hahaha you in the klan or you just kill coons

  42. type2s13

    i literally laughed until i cried at the last photograph.

  43. 13wda

    you know i tryd a truck bed swimminpool but didnt have a big enough tarp

  44. Greenseedsbaby

    @ifitaintwhiteburnit yeeee haawwwww uh huh then its off to screw some cousins maybe mom too givin em some good old southern lynchin……..right? :3

  45. TheJason97477

    You are an IDIOT!!!!! I thought that your 2 brain cell kinda stupid racist ass ignorant type of people were dying out. It’s a shame that you walk the earth thinking that your some type of hot shit. your mom should have held you under water as a baby and watched you turn purple and hid you in her closet. I bet she wished she had. White, Black, Rainbow colored… Whatever, we’re all the same. its whats in the dome that counts and clearly haha you’re not the best specimen.

  46. NeCacaluXuxultic

    @MrAhmedmaazouzi,.. wait.. you are MOOSE,LIM? LOL!!!

  47. Porky61911

    Go rednecks you should watch dumb Gavin and like it

  48. tp212400

    and some is fake the horse cart with blue car on it is Romanian!

  49. digedag999

    1:09 a typical couple of your culture?

  50. animalmother18

    Fuck you all disgusting white pigs!!
    Arriva los LATINOS!!!! :D

  51. Adriana

    thanks for share!

  52. sem calcinha

    Adoro me mostrar peladinha na web cam

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