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  1. 2pacthugzta

    white trash women don’t even look human

  2. starfishgutts

    What species was the first thing?

  3. FaggotHatingGuy

    I remember her – I TOOK HER JUUUUB!!!!!

  4. AmericanHick24

    Most of these women aint rednecks

  5. Hannible100

    jesus that boogy at the end was disgusting

  6. darylmills


  7. kevride323

    yeah yeah thats wats up

  8. TheCanadianDippers

    the trick is that they’re not drunk 😉

  9. defretere

    Contest started: goo.glQyzJ5 - obtain iPad 2.

  10. BodybuildinginTX

    @upinarms79 True, but he moved to the south. Rednecks by nature are simple, fun-loving, honest, hard working men and women who are trying to get by and enjoy life. Theere’s absolutely nothing wrong with living an enjoyable life. True, these women may not be that bright, but they seem to having a blast. And as long as they’re not hurting themselves or anybody else, who cares how dumb it seems? Some of the dumbest lookest things in life are the most fun. No one forces these ideals, they wanna live

  11. upinarms79

    @BodybuildinginTX The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney, a Yale College graduate from MA. The earliest known sawmill was used by the Romans in Asia Minor in the 3rd century. I don’t even know what a “plow mill” is. unless you’re talking about a horse-drawn grinder. I’ve lived in the south around “rednecks” my entire life. There’s nothing funny or cool about being ignorant, uneducated trash. Especially the kind that feel they have to force their ideals on everyone else.

  12. 439679

    On December 24 at 8:00 in the morning a young 14 year old boy by the name of scott Johnson was found died. Doctors couldn’t come up with the cause of his death. His mother checked his email to seeif she could figure out what happened. Turns out he was still signed into myspace. She found he had gone to sleep after he read and didn’t repost a chain letter. If you don’t repost this to six videos a girl with no face will kill you tonight. Sorry don’t want to die

  13. sagrocket

    @BodybuildinginTX go 2 school redneck

  14. sagrocket

    americans so typical DUMB-IDIOTS INSULT 2 the world

  15. mrzackschannel

    dumb rednecks

  16. AmericanDreamlol

    @BodybuildinginTX thats my point, not every1 is same, theres ppl in every culture that ruin their image.

  17. BodybuildinginTX

    @AmericanDreamlol You’re thinking of hillbillies bud, not rednecks. rednecks are some of the most educated, peace-loving people in the world. All we, that’s right I’m a proud redneck,, is to left alone to have fun, and carry on with our lives. people have misconstrued what it is to be a redneck. It’s simply a hard working, honest, fun-loving person who just wants to mkae the most out of life. Never invented anything? Ever heard of a cotton gin? Plow mill, saw mill… There’s a huige list!

  18. AmericanDreamlol

    @BodybuildinginTX FYI The black panthers were formed to self defend against racist groups that chased and murdered blacks. Rednecks are ignorant, uneducated waste of space. I don’t see a redneck scientist inventing anything…im not defending blacks or other racist groups, im just saying there’s a redneck in all of us, and i hate them. Educate, Prosper, Live in harmony among each other. Peace.

  19. BodybuildinginTX

    @AmericanDreamlol rednecks are actually more likely to be in the marines and other armed forces. And white people are less likely to live off of welfare. For talking about a bunch of racists, your comment sure was racist…
    There are also black racist groups ie. the black panthers…

  20. Sideswipe2123

    @BodybuildinginTX i dont know???!!! lol

  21. AmericanDreamlol

    @Exarion88 racist white people with red necks. they claim to be patriot yet never done anything good for country. they formed racist groups like Ku Klux Klan ( KKK ) for example. all they do is drink beer and live on welfare.

  22. meerkatist

    HAHA! funny video :o) Check out my video of a drunk girl trying to get home!

  23. BodybuildinginTX

    @Sideswipe2123 That’s a hillbilly, not a redneck. A redneck is a person who isn’t afraid of hard work, can fix dern near anything, and knows how to enjoy the simple things. And why in the world would you want to shoot “bunnyehs” when you can shoot a massive hog instead?

  24. Sideswipe2123

    @Exarion88 i personally think a “redneck” is someone who talks like this, “lehts teech ouar keeds to shooot bunnyehs!” i guess :/

  25. IngloriousButter

    questionable title

  26. andreah53

    yep dem are rednecks

  27. superman1113215

    1:21 thats not a fail thats a win

  28. 83redrose83

    get that fat fuck u deer!!!!!

  29. 83redrose83

    get that fat fuck u deer!!!!!

  30. MrEdumacation1

    Why are they all fat?

  31. lexi2299

    0:45 with mario there to help everything is fine :3

  32. TheSavageMusicGroup

    @JordanGuitar11 I think you secretly like the fact the he may secretly like it 😀

  33. sweetheartjustine


  34. MrGage100able

    this inst the urinal is it

  35. cluck2win

    @JordanGuitar11 That was a guy ?

  36. thekommex

    1:20 i seriously dont want to know how that ended…

  37. TheTZRT

    @ImWizhed Fordi det er drit lættis xD

  38. ImWizhed

    @TheTZRT Koffør ser du på sån hær DRIT?

  39. TheTZRT

    0:45 It’s me MARIO!

  40. homeroenelinfierno

    0:46 mario?!wtf

  41. xXslipknotfan14Xx

    Only in America! XD

  42. fabidami


  43. 1bearcatf8f

    @aurimontezco Mario Redneck Tractor racing lol

  44. DrWRubz

    i love you baby i love you jack lolololololololollollololololololol

  45. TheVaui

    Haha =) so funny

  46. TheLuftwaffenhg

    Hahaha , looks like my Family in Florida XD

  47. aurimontezco

    Mario Bros 0:46?

  48. ghtyrew

    103 people who disliked are city folk

  49. Wedddez

    @gcr100 oh lol

  50. idsofaugust

    i’m trimming the shrubs the same way next year as in 1:14

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