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The Beverly Hillbillies: Granny’s Garden – Season 2, Episode 3 (1963)

default The Beverly Hillbillies: Grannys Garden   Season 2, Episode 3 (1963)

thefilmarchive.org DVD: www.amazon.com October 9, 1963 The Clampetts decide to plow up their carefully manicured front lawn, to grow vegetables. Irene Ryan (October 17, 1902 — April 26, 1973) was an American actress, one of the few entertainers who found success in vaudeville, radio, film, television and Broadway. She is most widely known for her portrayal of “Granny” on the long-running TV series The Beverly Hillbillies (1962–1971), for which she was nominated for Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 1963 and 1964. Ryan was born Jessie Irene Noblitt in El Paso, Texas. She was born to an American father, James Merrit Noblitt, and an Irish immigrant mother, Katherine McSharry. Before her role as “Granny” on The Beverly Hillbillies, Ryan was an established vaudeville, radio, and movie actress, though not as well known prior to her television stint. Ryan and her first husband, writer-comedian Tim Ryan, were popular in vaudeville. Their type of double act, known in show business as a “Dumb Dora” routine and epitomized by George Burns and Gracie Allen, had the dizzy woman saying silly things to her boyfriend or husband, and foil. Billed as “Tim and Irene”, they had their own series of short subjects in the 1930s for Educational Pictures, and later worked in feature films for Monogram Pictures. After Tim and Irene divorced, she toured with Bob Hope, making regular appearances on his radio show. In 1946 she married Harold Knox. She continued to work
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Beverly Hillbillies Cast on the Jerry Springer Show. May 20, 1993.


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  1. TheAceofAll123

    “If she could talk to fokes as well as she could talk to critters we’d have a poli-tition in the family’
    Oh goodness i love this show

  2. Wormtongue13

    Best show ever. Aside from Green Acres.

  3. Adriana

    thanks for share!

  4. sem calcinha

    Adoro me mostrar peladinha na web cam

  5. jksonny

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about Buddy Ebsen. He was apparently a true professional and a nice man.

  6. EvanQuinn07

    it was a great show….one of the Best things was it wasn’t infested with negroes

  7. davehutchinson67

    Well kiddies..there was a reason Buddy Ebsen and Irene Ryan were such great actors. They were from Vaudeville..no 2nd or 3rd takes…just do it and do it right the first time. REAL TALENT.

  8. tomcat28563

    Wow…there actually was a time when Springer hadn’t “sold his soul” for a quick buck and ratings….nice to see Springer bring something wholesome to his viewer that did not involve (what would come in later years) ie., trailor park trash.

  9. STU676

    this is great…although its 20 years old

  10. cdguy95

    great the best show

  11. brettl84

    Why does the audience clap after every single thing? I know theyr’e prepped before the show to clap and be enthusiastic…but come on.

  12. MrThefutureisnow

    It’s too bad Max couldn’t get approval for his 200 ft oil derrick in Douglas county. I think it would have been a really successful casino if the project had been completed. At least he doubled his money on the land while holding it waiting for the city to make their decision. I don’t even remember the Springer show being this normal and on the level. I’ve always thought it was chaotic from day one. Wierd.

  13. skunkus1

    It was called “The Prime Mover” where he had powers to move things….like cars and dice. Cheers.

  14. billpeterson5150

    I’m waiting for Steve to get Buddy Ebson in a full Nelson


    i liked it when jerry springer was like this

  16. keithsmove

    Wow, Elly is still HOT

  17. asianwatcher

    This was shot in 1993. Nancy Kulp died of cancer in 1991. I have a feeling had she been alive and had the health to do it she would have been on this stage as well as the others.

  18. FlamingoKicker

    I hear Buddy and Nancy Kulp had a serious falling out when she (a liberal Democrat) ran for the Senate and he (a conservative Republican) came out and made commercials AGAINST her and for the other guy running against her. Probably why she wasn’t on this panel.

  19. sexxxyshar

    Buddy was the best. I actually was watching the Twighlight Zone Marrathon and saw him on an episode

  20. inkey2

    Buddy Ebsen cxould still “own” his audience even at this age…..and his low key smooth speech patter could still knock-em dead.

  21. crazyredneck86

    elly may still pretty

  22. ericjoseph1101

    good tv died when this show was canceled!!!!

  23. rushfiend

    Well Doggies!!!

  24. jacksontigers24

    The Hillbillies Rock!

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