Feb 28

Classic Track: Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer (Johnny Russell )

For more great original country music, go here.. rjbocm.com Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com There’s no place that I’d rather be than right here With my red neck, white socks, and Blue Ribbon beer. The barmaid is mad cause some guy made a pass The jukebox is playin “There Stands the Glass” The cigarette smoke kinda hangs in the air Red necks, white socks, and Blue Ribbon beer. A cowboy is cussin’ the pinball machine A drunk at the bar is gettin’ noisy and mean And a guy on the phone says “I’ll be home soon, dear” Red necks, white socks, and Blue Ribbon beer. No we don’t blend with that white collar crowd We’re a little too rowdy, and a little too loud But there’s no place that I’d rather be than right here With my red neck, white socks, and Blue Ribbon beer. The semi’s are passin’ on the highway outside The four-thirty crowd is about to arrive The sun’s goin’ down and we’ll all soon be here Red necks, white socks, and Blue Ribbon beer.
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  1. hannah38485

    Great beer song R.I.P. Johnny

  2. bravo6310

    @TozziWelding how old are you then??? LOL

  3. FlatBlackBurb

    man they dont make country music like this anymore… what a shame

  4. 409tabbycat

    Happy Birthday Johnny RIP…

  5. josephhopka

    Free YouTube download for my phone is the shit

  6. TheFarmerfitz

    It’s the people in this crowd is what keeps things going, Coal Miners,factory workers,farmers,plumbers,electricians,The Garbage man,the mail man,construction workers,etc… it takes all of us to make a country work!!!Even the people on top!!!!! As in the words of another song(you can’t have one without the other)…A little less corruption and a little more respect and fair play would be greatly appreciated!!!

  7. rwilkerson1950

    There are many versions of the term Radneck. One is that a farmer been out plowing fields and his neck is red from out in the sun all day.

  8. lucasalcoholicforces

    Any body knows where I can download this album for free, I´ve tryed many sites and torrents, but it didn´t work.

  9. toniagurl

    drunk off my mind lisining 2 this

  10. Ms2blackcats

    @flint589 And my hats off to them. But I don’t think the crowd in this song had anything so serious going on. They could be the Blair Mountain miner’s grand children living the good life thanks to their grandfather’s though

  11. bionicdad162

    This song takes me back to when I was in the Marine Corps off the coast of Beirut Lebanon, a friend of mine played it often.

  12. MaggieWestBean

    The Battle of Blair Mountain. The Harlan War. God bless you for remembering it, Brother.

  13. TheCreativeThoughts

    Rednecks know how to party!!! NO drama no fights JUST PURE FUN!!!!! CHEERS!

  14. bradmann85

    @RoboCorpse3000 listening to this song from a small town radio station on my way home brought me here. the station faded away before the song ended.

  15. RoboCorpse3000

    Thumbs up if the animation “Barfight” brought you here.

  16. 1moreBSer

    Should be the new Chicago White Sox theme song.

  17. thaven143

    PBR was great when I was younger….but now it’s Bud Light. Either way it’s a great song. Very true also! God Bless the USA!!!!

  18. compaq2441

    @unluckylady83 Here’s to the Horses was the song it was released as a single in 1981

  19. unluckylady83

    can someone out there tell me what album a song johnny russell sang with the words HERES TO THE HORSES THAT PULL THE BUDWISER HERES TO THE RIBBON ROUND THE BLUE RIBBON CAN HERES TO THE LADIES THAT POUR GOLDEN RIVERS THAT FILL UP THE GLASS OF THE BEER DRINKING MAN it was on a album that had catfish john i think if you know the songs name or the name of the album its on PLEASE EMAIL ME THROUGH U TUBE thanks for your help

  20. wa1ufo

    Oh Yeah!! Thanks Captain!!

  21. leftlanecharlie

    rush is so right on,america has been chickified by fems and communist public schools

  22. flint589

    A real Redneck was a West Virginia coal miner,they were union members fighting
    for decent wages,working conditions and a normal life,Big Coal owners machine gunned
    and bombed them for Unionizing..All in the history books. Red hankerchiefs were
    wore around their necks to signify their allegiance to the Union.

  23. oyajiblues

    redneck does not mean racist bigot. However, as you can see, ickiepoo is both a redneck and a bigot. @ickipoo I am white, but given the chance I would give you a beating you would not soon forget.

  24. Level9Lime

    @leftlanecharlie Also, Kate & Allie.

  25. Level9Lime

    @flashbell “Apollo”?

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