Feb 28

ohn Murtha: Pennsylvanians Are Rednecks

ohn Murtha: Pennsylvanians Are Rednecks


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  1. carnut476

    What’s a patriot ? A patriot says that his country is better than your country. Well, What’s a racist ? A racist says that his race is better than your race ? The biggest racist are Jews and Blacks !!!

  2. padude64

    This John Murtha may be right if you look at things today! The March on Washington hosted by Glen Beck, who never showed up and the signs the teabaggers were carrying! Like Portraying Obama as Curious George! Calling him socialist and the joker! The republican party has gotten evil! I am a white dem and I will be damnded If I would put up with this crap!

  3. mdog2700

    Get WAKY in here ! what the shit !

  4. kxsteve

    I might be a redneck but I’m no Racist..he is full of shit..Dumb old fucker!!

  5. mdog2700

    Typical dem usin racizim to favor a vote. Then attacking charactor of repubs. SLUG !

  6. mdog2700

    He Is A Polli ~ Tick ~ ean ! LeechTounge Demacrat.

  7. kxsteve

    Whats up with tis guy?

  8. flyboymd82

    I’d rather be a redneck than a neomarxist, military bashing, bribe taking piece of shit like this old fool!

    Hey Murtha, the Marine Corp called, you’ve been excommunicated. First ever!

    Hows the libel lawsuit comming along BTW you ignorant asshole?

  9. BlasphemyJuice

    Actually MR.KVJHEDFBV
    In Pennsylvania the republicans are the toothless, inbreed, redneck racists… and I’m in the most redneck area in PA.
    So before you start making fun of the Dems. get your stereotypes right.

  10. Ominous245

    Murtha won re-election.. suck it and suck it hard dumb fucks

  11. Danishamin

    he is partially correct, i’ve been to that part of penn. and there are few who are racist/redneck and I am from Georgia, so I know what it means to be a redneck or a racist.

  12. introvertical71

    Dumb old man.

  13. porkbarrow

    So much for the cracka’ vote……

  14. fjk143

    17 terms in the house no less.

  15. reddoogan

    What a fat dumb fuck. Murtha just needs to die.  He has done a disservice to this country.

  16. irisojects

    Gosh, I would not want this guy representing my state. He is a buffoon and pretty much thinks the folks in Pennsylvania are backwards.After all he thinks are troops are murders. What does Senator Murtha really think of America. I know what I think of him. It is time to scrub Congress of all those that do not have this country’s best interests at heart and have become entrenched on feeding off the American People, then insulting them. Truly it is the way of an abuser.

  17. kvjhedfbv

    Democrats know their toothless, inbred, redneck racist voting base well.

  18. sudnem

    Something very interesting. Check the webpage for the company Murtha is speaking. Go to the “News” section of their website and click “Facility Opening – Charleroi, PA – August 9, 2005″. Where does it take you?


  19. sudnem

    You might be a redneck if…..

  20. NHMntnHIGH

    WOW this man has definitely lost his tiny mind. What’s next Mr Murtha I can hardly wait. Time to retire this old fart

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