Feb 28

The Kinks muswell hillbilly

Song from THE KINKS
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Clampetts Strike Oil. Originally aired September 26, 1962
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. MrCCRFan

    @pikeonfly1 i know….JB hahahah

  2. chrisbacos

    This song always puts me in a good mood. Most people don’t know this but
    country music actually comes from the British Isles. 

  3. ConstantineRobbins

    @TINTIN299 kankS?

  4. thewaxbills

    damn good!

  5. jwattie

    My favourite song from this album! I was born in 1974 so it was just before my time. I just LOVE it!!!

  6. greatbighand

    I much prefer the live version in Everybody’s In Show-biz: played like a country number, as the lyrics suggest.

  7. pikeonfly1

    63 likes 1 dislike …..whose the idiot?

  8. 28if

    @TINTIN299 No Shit, Do you have a gift shop as well?

  9. scotswanderer

    @christinegoetz I’ve been old enough for 40 years! LOL.
    I now live in USA though, & haven’t seen either of those songs available.
    More likely in the U.K., probably.

  10. christinegoetz

     any bar if you’re old enough to drink

  11. scotswanderer

    Does anyone know where i could get a Karaoke version of this? (Also ‘Alcohol”)

  12. Rockview13

    @davidd7147 Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  13. uhprah

    @davidd7147 justin bieber: hot glass of urine filled with shards of glass

  14. electricvisions

    @MGVaughan1986 I always looked at this LP cover and wondered…..I went to England in ’94 on tour with a rock band from NYC, and I remember one day we drove past a sign announcing we were in Muswell Hill, it was really thrilling for us! thanks for the info….

  15. MGVaughan1986

    Archway Tavern.

  16. jamreaper

    @TINTIN299 best place to live EVER

  17. kittyprydekissme

    Possibly the greatest opening line ever written.

  18. davidd7147

    I could see the Avett Brothers covering this song and doing it justice…

    Another kinks cut which has improved with time…
    Beatles: Pop
    Who: Beer
    Stones: Liquor
    KinKs: Wine

  19. BerkeleyMews7

    One of my Kinks favs, too! …though my hills are not green, I’ve seen them in my dreams, take me back to those black hills that I ain’t never seen…love those lyrics Ray and great guitar Dave!


    my fave tune

  21. TINTIN299

    i live in muswell hill were ray davis lived

  22. GeorgeVreelandHill

    Great show.
    TV was so good back then.
    I’m glad I grew up during that time.

    George Vreeland Hill

  23. JTO500

    should not move,,they had it good back there

  24. 612franklin

    Whoa, Doggies! I didn’t know j’st how t’ tak’it

  25. 612franklin

    Man’d be a dang fool, to leave all this

  26. gabsylv

    “I dunno I didn’t take it” Sounds just like Bill Clinton! lol

  27. prettycountrygirl2

    Thanks so much for this. I love this show.

  28. rayssonation

    This is why Buddy Ebsen and the rest of the cast kept this show on the air for the astounding nine seasons CBS ran it. Also it was the Number One show on television three weeks after its debut and it remain in the top ten of the Nielsens.

  29. skilletchops

    Buddy Ebsen was a brilliant character actor! He was really good in this show!

  30. tripjet999

    Jethro = Dubya

  31. SweetShann01

    “I reckon you’re right. A man would be a dang fool to leave all this.” LMFAO @ Jed

  32. flyingcricket1001

    “I reckon you’re right. A man would be a dang fool to leave all this.” Cracking up.

  33. animekitten789

    thnx for uploading! this is lol

  34. FireitupBedford

    Thanks for posting never seen this one before.

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