Mar 15

Rednecks Blow Up House With Cannon

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  1. jojo35996

    Dumb ass rednecks

  2. TheEastsidesrealest

    funniest shit ever

  3. 4863440

    @cbbent walmart

  4. tybirdy

    @cbbent Dont question a redneck power to get Beer and guns lol

  5. Milby20289394bc

    hey guys, my last name is milby, are yall guys by any chance related to me? lol

  6. tedhans

    The man who standing beside the cannon owns a gun shop and is neighbor across the street

  7. fu21fu

    the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

  8. BrendanBTC


  9. BrendanBTC

    They could make more money off of this video over it’s lifetime than those beams if it’s disseminated/monotized properly. Also, a lot of us rednecks have a lot of money.

  10. BrendanBTC

    How many kilos of what was that? I’ve seen a lot of large explosions (i’ve taken out fairly large stumps) but that’s a whole other level sir!

  11. cambriacity

    @cbbent E-bay… LoL.. this was great!

  12. heisenfeis

    Wow i wonder what would happen if in the Civil war they had these cannons/projectiles !

  13. burn19ballz

    oh shit!..is the cannon alright?

  14. malarkey13

    @djderka10 Well obviously the cannon didn’t cause the whole house to blow up… There had to have been explosives placed inside the house to blow it up like that. The video still stands as being awesome.

  15. treasurepirate1

    someone could have fixed it up to make it real nice,and if not, at least they could have salvaged materials lots of those beams and boards in there were probably very nicely crafted and were in good shape and sold on the market for a good price, but i never know they could have selvaged some materials or maybe they did this because it was infested with mold or termites i don’t know, so don’t complain about this comment it’s just me thinking outloud

  16. SaintsSpecOps

    everything a fuckin conspiracy with you people, give it a break

  17. xy274

    Screw you haters…this was an awesome video…blow more shit up please. Just dont blow up my house.

  18. ShadowXII

    Thank God for rednecks.

  19. sultanrahid

    fuck u

  20. TheCarlosKiller

    The guy in the backround on 0:54 said holy shit lolz

  21. tripleblkgt

    Yeehaw take that sumbitch!!

  22. djderka10

    Canon Truthers…11/21/10
    The explosion of this house was not caused by the canon! look at :50 into the
    video and you will see three (3) count ‘em explosions caused by “placed dynamite”. You can hear each one when video is played in slo-mo. A total conspiracy for sure. I think some agents, maybe sent by Michael Moore, planted explosions to make it look like a canon. Freeze the frame and find the truth!
    A message from the Canon Truthers.

  23. JesusDoesNotExist

    @CustomDeluxe1984 Nah

  24. Styromousse

    wait, where the fuck did you got a cannon ?

  25. creamiercorn

    Only 3 Pony Kegs were Harmed During The Making Of This Video

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