Daily Archive: March 16, 2012

Mar 16

The Beverly Hillbillies – EP 6 – Trick Or Treat – 2/4

Grannie has her back up and is determined to return home. Partly because the police made the family get rid of all the farm animals Jed purchased and corralled in a tennis court. Also she just doesn’t like the attitude of the people of Beverly Hills declaring that, “this place if full of the laziest, …

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Mar 16

WORST GAME or TOY Ever? Feudin’ Time Hillbilly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel

Hillbilly Feudin’ Time Worst Board Game or TOY EVER? Portraying Southern United States citizens as Crazy Ignorant Fools? HORRIFYING! Easily one of the Worst Fail Toys or Games of All time. Game Review by Mile Mozart Video Rating: 4 / 5