Mar 16

WORST GAME or TOY Ever? Feudin’ Time Hillbilly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel

Hillbilly Feudin’ Time Worst Board Game or TOY EVER? Portraying Southern United States citizens as Crazy Ignorant Fools? HORRIFYING! Easily one of the Worst Fail Toys or Games of All time. Game Review by Mile Mozart
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. TheRoboto54


  2. nyanification12

    No wait! EPIC FAIL!

  3. nyanification12

    Fail to fail!


    fail fail fail fail fail!

  5. Dinosaurprince

    @PleasantFellow Ha ha ha ha! I couldn’t agree more! XD Best is when he tries to demonstrate somethings sound effects, but doesn’t shut up long enough to let people hear it. XD

  6. Dinosaurprince

    @bhx9fe2 No! It’s got some classic art on it. It looks cool.

  7. Mooga123456

    It is such a fail that it is actually a win

  8. supermariohunter2001


  9. biggkattj

    Wowwwwww… You know, this game is so awful that I have this sincere desire to find one!

  10. Bronyforever

    Ponies were the COOLEST thing ever for me in the 80′s! and now it’s SOOOO much cuter!!!~
    Yes, i’ve been a “brony” ever since… :|

  11. DompyJuice

    both fail

  12. thewwefan57

    @mistermassive1 XD well than you posted a ? i hate those now i hate you ok asshole

  13. icewhipRox

    I’m sure back in 1960, maybe a few people laughed, but most were probably offended, so it didn’t sell very well (I’m just guessing). However, if anyone came out with this sort of thing today, there would be total chaos! The game company would probably be burned to the ground by protesters, and it would be all over the news and TV and everything! I mean, obviously, this wasn’t enough to get Hasbro out of business, so apparently, the clientele weren’t as up in arms about it was we would be!

  14. spinningpeanut

    Why are the top comments fighting replies?

  15. LillethTheRabbit

    i have the game of Redneck Life. ever seen THAT?

  16. snowyfilms2

    thats offencive to southern people i live in the south thanks alot hasbro! 

  17. BlueThe1up

    No. Its not in the Top 10. Its in the TOP FREAKING 3.

  18. scriblemelego

    I have “Plug A Jug”.

  19. imwithstupid881

    They are missin Alot on that still

  20. bhx9fe2

    Does this really offend anyone?

  21. tdickensheets

    That’s why didn’t see this game. People are sick!

  22. scottandrewhutchins

    This is what Tea Baggers play in their spare time.

  23. dariusjames3333

    its not whisky its moonshine

  24. Linlee1000

    I’m a Southern Georgian, and theses games offended me. We southern people are not all about shoot’n and moonshine. Hasbro should be ashamed! >:(

  25. Guinevere4399

    this game is just a fail in all areas: board game, children toy, etc…
    the only thing this thing wins at is being stereotypical against southerners.

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