Mar 17

John McCain Sarah Palin – Mock the Redneck

Mock The Week discusses redneck Sarah Palin. “Governor of Alaska – is like being voted the most handsome man… in the burns unit”… UK equivalent, “like being mayor of the Shetland Islands”… But oh the rednecks love Sarah Palin.

default John McCain Sarah Palin   Mock the Redneck

You will laugh so hard at this guy that is trying to get his ex back. He makes a complete fool out of himself.
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  1. ooonurse33

    I actually did marry the guy I dated at 18…and yes my life was shite…

  2. hllv

    I would pay to have Richard Dawkins read me The Chronicles of Narnia

  3. GlophTheweb

    @CrazyKitBuilder wouldnt magneto logically be able to make a storm of that magnitude? due to the minerals in the air, water, and lightning?

  4. RaincloudPlay

    I’m still laughing over 1=Juan. Considering I’m home with a terrible stomach ache, this is not good. Mock the week is evil! I think I’m going to die! Haha.

  5. EoLoLoIoOoT

    @serrie85 Thats one too many

  6. MonsterLordiLover

    @CrazyKitBuilder Wearing Storms tight sexy-woman costume vs. wearing Magnetos ruler-of-the-world costume would make a different joke…

  7. CrazyKitBuilder

    @MonsterLordiLover The outfits are ok it just he got the worng x men character when it come to power.

  8. MonsterLordiLover

    @CrazyKitBuilder If he was dressed like storm it would have been a completely different joke.. I don’t think he made a mistake..

  9. LucianUramu

    5:30 That is the greatest plan I have ever heard!

  10. CrazyKitBuilder

    frankie made a mistake Magneto cant contol weather. that was Storm power in the xmen

  11. Kodiakgirl49

    I am from Alaska… But this is still a bit funny XD

  12. FretboardToAsh

    Blue girl looks like she’s played too much Street Fighter, it’s like a blonde Chun-li.

  13. TheTenners

    @AlanaJoee what tits? i see a flat chest

  14. PointsofData

    Y’know what’s sad? If McCain had actually done that, he probably would’ve won.

  15. mymoset

    Who is the blondie? She’s really cute.

  16. 1337KlUnTe

    ▲ ▲

  17. 1337KlUnTe

    ▲  ▲

  18. ilovepodge

    Michael McIntyre is SHIT!!!

  19. 2468HOTROD

    @dragon1tiger0 …..lmao

  20. dragon1tiger0

    @serrie85 The answer is 0.

  21. Jilson591

    @AlanaJoee and 2:09!

  22. serrie85

    How many braincells does Sarah Palin have?

  23. EoLoLoIoOoT

    @tvboy223 If that is true then why is she allowed in the public view? Why do people turn up to see her? You honestly think Plain wouldn’t be famous if it wasn’t for the American public?It is truly scary that americans tolerate Palin whilst in any civilised world whe’d be kept well out of harms way.

  24. tvboy223

    @EoLoLoIoOoT How? She is one person not the whole of America, and most people in America hate her too. Its not just people outside of America who think she is messed up, we do too.

  25. EoLoLoIoOoT

    Palin is proof that America is fucked up.

  26. nevercosigndude

    Love $cams: Never send money to a stranger over the internet, no getting involved with illegal immigrants/google marriage fraud, pass the check, never co-sign/mix anything legal, no marriage, avoid long distance relationships, when meeting women online avoid dinner & movies on first meet up (meet up at free/low cost places like bookstores/parks/cafes), stop paying for other men’s kids/no single women with kids, always use a condom/no child support, never lend money to women.

  27. TheKoreanMV

    poor guy, but so retarded.

  28. kermit368

    This guy gives Abilene a bad name.

  29. Momejie

    This has got to be fake. But’s its funny!

  30. tallandhandsome29

    Hey Randy! I’m with Janice now- you’re right about the boobs. i got em in my mouth now. We also got a kid- he brings me beer and food!!

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  32. lafemmefatalle

    He needsta go to another family reunion and find a new girl

  33. Theonefrompluto619

    i love the way, that after his half assed dance at the end, he confesses that’s all he’s good for. XD

  34. Tarcidz

    Bring my truck back… Some times you just have to let go Abilene, I’m sure you’ll find another girl with great boobs that love sports

  35. MiiSzFrEKiiTa

    This is hilarious lol. But sad lol.

  36. DonHardy20

    i love his desperate dance at the end to win back his one toothed girl

  37. deadman12078

    Sometimes you just have to let go….

  38. DeathFairy2468

    wow just wow, he is such a prize lol, NOT!!!
    he is basically calling her fat, doesnt want her to get fatter when she gets pregnant. WTF is up with guy.

  39. zorini

    i want my house and my truck back lmao…is the house maybe attached to the truck

  40. barbielovespinkinca

    God love him

  41. LipGlossGrrrl

    lmao… They were together since 16 years old!? She put up with him for that long!? I wanna see her video, it’s probably all kinds of crazy too! rofl

  42. djwithnoname

    I guarantee right now that this video will become a huge worldwide hit. Absolute mint.

  43. faceneck45


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