Mar 22

MAINEIAC – The Official Maine Rap Music Video

A funny rap music video celebrating what it means to be a native Mainer, also known as a “Maineiac.” Starring Luke Sholl as Jacob Buckshot. Directed by Chris Charles and Luke Sholl. Music and lyrics by Luke Sholl. Featuring performances by: Pamela Austria, Eric Boisse, Chris Charles, Benjamin Sholl and Kimberly Sholl. www.LukeSholl.com


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  1. CerebralAilment

    2 years later still awesome =)

  2. hammer55292

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  4. 123ianmb

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  5. hammer55292

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  7. hammer55292

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  8. hammer55292

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  9. 123ianmb

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  10. 123ianmb

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  12. 123ianmb

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  13. 123ianmb

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  14. 123ianmb

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  15. hammer55292

    God, I hate these sons-of-bitches from Maine.

  16. hammer55292

    @123ianmb Hey, if it’s so good, ya’ got nothing to worry about. However, if you have been bastards to tourists and non-residents, then you might suffer finacially, this year. I don’t know if the ” NATIONAL CAMPAIGN TO BOYCOTT MAINE ” will catch-on, but if it does, you will feel the financial pinch, which is what you deserve for your treatment of tourists. You’re another MAINE fighting bastard, just like I’ve been saying.

  17. hammer55292

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  18. 123ianmb

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  19. boomainegurl7

    @hammer55292 Oops;) forgot to tag you in my previous post! hmu!

  20. boomainegurl7

    LOL, these guys are tools. hammer is so right, and funny<3 hmu hammer! lylaevs99…at gmail!!!<3 maine sucks Mass rules!!

  21. hammer55292

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  22. hammer55292

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  23. hammer55292

    @zpolley I’d like to kick your ass!!!

  24. hammer55292

    @123ianmb I’ve been to Portland many years ago. What difference would that make? I’ve had many bad situations with the people of MAINE, that is what matters to me. If it’s just me that has had trouble up there, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if MAINAHS have been bastards to many tourists, then my ” NATIONAL CAMPAIGN TO BOYCOTT MAINE ” will have merit. So, what are you upset about, unless you’re all GUILTY AS CHARGED!!

  25. 123ianmb

    @hammer55292 Dude have you ever even been in bucksport or augusta or portland? the people in this video are ignorant and stupid. You sir can go fuck yourself im a proud mainer and nothing can change that

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