Mar 26

Nitro Circus Hubert Everybody’s Favorite Redneck on Lets Microwave This the Calculator

We met the Nitro Circus crew and had them do videos. We microwave a calculator


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  1. multitaskin8

    it is a very good idea to microwave a calculator

  2. CustomIntegraJDM

    @Coop198701 so you laught out loud out loud?

  3. Coop198701

    lol out loud!!

  4. gjerdeanders

    hehehe, next time bring a fire extingusier

  5. MrNojews

    try an egg

  6. tuadube

    ave some sh it but this com ment is ret ard et or ed I don’t Knou

  7. loc645

    ahhh put a bar of soap in the microwave

  8. BLHProductions

    Warning, may explode. XD

  9. BZF

    lol cool

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