Mar 27

redneck tire bead breaker

breaking a tire bead with my truck

funny pics set to “Redneck Woman”
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  1. mosty420s

    I’ve been using a 7/16 paddle bit for a cordless drill on those jacks instead of hand cranking. Works great.

  2. lswasserm1

    Leave the tire & rim on the car, deflate it if it’s not already flat, then drive a car length or 2. If the bead doesn’t unseat quickly, drive it into a curb.

  3. ChgoSTrider

    I can’t imagine how hard I would have laughed if when he jumped on the tire to separate the rest of the bead if his toes had gotten caught by the rim……..imagine him screaming with his toes caught in the tire…..

  4. themeatful

    ur truck dropped

  5. 517pimpin

    No shoes! Lol

  6. Intense951

    Poor rim has the shit counter balanced out if it! Did a retard do that??

  7. topless1967stang


    I would just be afraid of something hitting my foot, that’s all.

  8. topless1967stang

    Good idea, but no shoes… haha

  9. rbow71

    Great idea!

  10. FordMonsterTruck

    That’s great! but some of those are just recyclers not rednecks though. :)

  11. Joeri59

    redneck yacht !!!!! oohh my god !!!! i almost cried from laughing!!!!

  12. riderofthestorm411

    This is killer and I’ve gotta step up me redneck video takin.

  13. zanonee1

    Get R DONE, hell yea, i love hill billys

  14. KingJax97oncp

    Lol i like the redneck fortess part lol

  15. AgApE010


  16. 372spragger

    yep that me lmho.

  17. mkschreder

    I want that monster limo :D

  18. selfignite

    Once again, Poor people are what makes this country great!

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