Mar 30

Phil Silvers in “The Beverly Hillbillies – The Clampetts in New York” – (1969)

Phil’s second appearance as Swifty John Shafer (aka Honest John). This time around he sells many of New York’s major landmarks to the hapless Clampetts. However Swifty just can’t bring himself to bilk the kind-hearted Clampetts. He gives Jed back all the money and leaves New York under police escort. The episode was broadcast on 12th, November 1969.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Beautiful little song off a really underated album. For the friends I met, and continue to meet from that state. Truly wonderful people.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. aus200200

    Underrated song from an underrated album from an underrated band.

  2. csrivalry

    Great song, but it makes me wonder why every video that features footage from my home state is from the most boring and ugly parts. I wish people would associate the mountainous and green areas with Oklahoma. Enough with the windmills and dust bowl stuff.

  3. bingerslinger

    this is one of my favorite albums of all time, very underrated,

  4. bootyslave69

    Thanks for the memories Ray and Dave.

  5. TomorowIsALongTime

    One of my favorite Kinks song. This is a true gem.


    seriously.. the kinks are, in my opinion, “the band that refused to suck ” nothing they have ever done sucks

  7. Duenderelojero

    No drumms, is incredible.

  8. dalexander36

    Beautiful song by one of my favorite singer-songwriters. Nice photo montage of my home state as well. Thanks for posting and for the kind words. Oklahoma doesn’t convey a very positive image these days but, yes, there are a lot of good folks there. Salt of the earth.

  9. Tedisntakidanymore

    Muswell Hillbillies was a collection of songs about characters in Ray’s and Dave’s old neighborhood, Muswell Hill. While this album got virtually no notice in the US, Rolling Stone magazine still selected it as album of the year. Oklahoma USA is a little gem about a lonely spinster who avoids the harsh realities of post-war Britain by losing herself in Hollywood movies like “Oklahoma.”

  10. jamessullysullivan

    Well then, that’s too funny. I went to high school with Peter Sagal from wait, wait, don’t tell me on NPR. (:
    I’m glad you like it! Thanks!

  11. mojojee

    Heard it today on a local NPR program. Looked it up here. I love it. Thanks for posting.

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