Apr 02

discrimination against rednecks

discrimination prank call to target moppixmovies.com
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  1. Travino

    “I can do my job, HIGH AS SHIT on meth!”

  2. sallytoothfuck

    wait hes black!?!?!?

  3. sakahowdah

    The Boy does have a point.

  4. 0schlaflos0

    dumb dumb dumbdi dumb

  5. Deoxyribonucleon

    you’re too dumb to take a joke and you’re commenting on other peoples intelligence? If I was a redneck I’d think this was funny. Crystal meth does rock, I agree with you there. America (and most western countries) are full of pussies who can’t see meth for what it is. Just a drug, whether it does good or bad depends entirely on how you use it.

  6. trishdadish82

    please do another updated video like this

  7. urrugrat

    you are funny as hell…

  8. BlueBerryWizard

    This is the palest nigger I’ve ever seen.

  9. dart69mopar340

    You are hilarious, you sound like a redneck, fuck the folks who talk bad, people do need to lighten up and laugh, the Walmart call was the best, how the black chick reacted..

  10. EddieBee83

    I dont steal, except for when im stealin!

  11. alvincify

    Hey, whats wrong with being a redneck?! At least Im not a nigger. All life “started” in Africa or so they say. Look at them now? They cant even grow a garden, and depend on US, americans, to deliver their food…. HOW FUCKING RETARDED ARE YOU PEOPLE? And Crystal meth rocks. so fuck off. nigger.

  12. MrJeffmurphy

    damn i love these prank calls….

  13. wvgrl1992

    This guy is freaking amazing… I’m a simple white girl from West Virginia and I don’t find this offensive! Perhaps you should just learn to lighten up and laugh at yourselves.. Lmao!

  14. iaren0good

    stoopid niggers!

  15. TerryallSteve

    Man, you’re funny. Would pay to see a full act. Video’s are some of the best comedy out there. You’d kill on SNL.

  16. silverhorder1969

    Funny as hell.

  17. C00LZ0RZZZ

    the roomer is 100% irrelevant hahahha

  18. naimahills


  19. allwoodmike1

    You forgot to pick on sex offenders! WTF! Aren’t they people to pick on too!

  20. ejirou1

    he’s blacktino

  21. macrossmatrix

    this guy looks latino… haha

  22. macrossmatrix

    I couldn’t stop laughing- seriously this guy is making fun of Rednecks not the other way.

  23. Pamelina1111

    LOL.. funny! This guy makes a good point!

  24. iskim86


  25. watballs2020

    funny,but we are not suposed to laugh,arr fuck um.

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