Apr 03

Luke Torres – Redneck Police

Luke Torres knows about those Texas cops at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. See more exclusive videos of Luke on www.LaughFactory.com Follow us http Like us www.facebook.com
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  1. chaliffnick

    All yall city slickers can kiss my country ass most of us rednecks aint racist so shut the fuck up and for the one tht called rednecks dumb i bet u wont come say tht to my face . If u got the guts moro arkansas

  2. zkundinger

    bringing race into a game like pool makes you racist not the person who invented it…

  3. striker1224


    This is fucking clever!

  4. FoolThrottleRacing

    That joke is ooooollllldddd… Used to tell that joke in grade school.

  5. ClubKidOfficial

    WOOOOOOWW this guy is clever.. well done!

  6. CronusRiley

    im from texas….they suck hahahah

  7. Ganandorf931

    OMG THE POOL!!!! Ill feel racist if i play now!!! AHAHAHA!! showing this to all my friends this was funny as hell. I need this laugh today too

  8. luciferiexcelsil

    Mexicans are the overwhelming majority of Latin American descendants or immigrants in the U.S though, about 90%… Plus, culturally, Argentines, Uruguayans, Peruvians, Bolivians, Cubans, etc. are far too different culturally, geographically and racially from each other to just slam all these nationalities into a single group.

  9. ArroyoInk

    funny as hell!!

  10. BeaconOnEarth

    That wouldve confused the redneck cop, and he wouldve shot at the guy just for having to think for a second like “Wait a minute… could I be wrong” “Hell no I cant be wrong, my mama told me so” BLAM!!

  11. NoizyWun

    lmfaoooo!!!!!!!! ooooooo my god this was too muchh

  12. slyguy321

    rednecks too stupid to play pool, its quite the mind challenging game and you need precision

  13. poopynonsense

    Woah there party pooper, I’m from Texas too and we both know it’s a huge state. Not every city/town in TX has the same demographics as Brownsville. Brownsville is ON THE FUCKING BORDER OF MEXICO. There are vast stretches of racist, backwards, redneck stomping grounds in the rest of the state. Oh but you lived on the border of mexico for 8 years so it’s really great that we got to read your supremely informed opinion, o dipshit youtube commenter who does not do research.

  14. rallyfan916

    wow way to take a joke. The next time I tell one I’ll be sure its accurate in every facet. lol

  15. TheBlueHatChannel

    bro…….its a joke

  16. locosychocrazy1

    Instead of saying “Mexicans” say hispanics, b/c NOT ALL HISPANICS ARE FROM MEXICO! There are a bunch of other latin countries out there too, like Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Cuba, and a couple others.

  17. HistoryLubber

    Dude, what the fuck are you talking about? Mexicans are the majority ethnic group in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and TEXAS. I lived in Brownsville for 8 years where more than 90% of the population was Mexican. Though they don’t discriminate against white people, they were especially harsh to black Texans. You are the majority, o comedian who does not do research.

  18. LooneyBlade113


  19. 516mrme

    :) ha

  20. pancho0022

    yes that one too lol.

  21. 516mrme

    what about Central? people always forget that one

  22. hekotin

    I would’ve said american

  23. loedieboe

    lol’d hard at the last part

  24. 1988Cozmo

    I thought the same thing.

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