Apr 06

West Virginia Ninja

Diamond Dave’s Ninja School

T-Bo started his own game show. Too bad the only contestants he could get were hillbillies and sick cheerleaders. Sorry T-Bo! *This is a video from iCarly.com Enjoy and please subscribe for more Ariana videos! —————————————————- Follow! twitter.com Visit! arianagrande.net
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  1. Skormm

    I’ll judy chop the shit out of you!


    says I…

  3. KammiDM

    Is he wearing long johns?

  4. dobbinhuff95

    Since when do ninjas wear capes? XP ahahah! He’s great :)

  5. 1196twisted

    yeah we just rollin the trailer park, whats that?! se doo du, NINJY STAR!

  6. teewil123

    This dude is actually my friends uncle.

  7. Efury852

    He’s like Chuck Norris…on crack.

  8. 111sunder

    Reglar can a ‘baco says you? No says i. NINJY STARS!

  9. 443destiny

    this is so freaking hilarious!

  10. Utubefan20313

    You wanna see another west Virginia person look up “Steven making babies”trust me its just him singing.

  11. jjreddick28

    try fighting chuck norris

  12. xRaaawrzz

    Stop. Smokin. Crack

  13. moJosouthpaw


  14. 105Games

    @kingextreme98 exactly lol me too

  15. CocacolaCowboy1919

    Don’t go ninja’n anybody that don’t need ninja’in!

  16. zachone99

    Judy chop?

  17. PrivateSnowball45

    Freakin hilarious!

  18. ayeeitskiersta

    This is so funnnny:)

  19. MMA111222


  20. SuRihtanil

    This accent and slang is thick right where West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee all kinda meet. It seems everywhere you go in that looping around you will find 50% of the people talking like this guy with that kinda accent/slang.

  21. SuRihtanil

    Nah that’s miller and bud light

  22. tannercub24

    Was the girl holding the board pregnant? Good thing he didn’t break through it

  23. softballpitchin13

    Regular can of bccer you say? No says i!!(; baha((;

  24. bribri9910


  25. bribri9910

    I’m from West Virginia…this is funny, but kind of insulting. But I actually know people who talk like this o.o

  26. zoeybrookes101123

    Dang I didn’t know Nathan cress’s arms were that big :)

  27. SecretRose24

    weird but… Matt Bennett is still hot even when he is playing a sick cheerleader!!! lolz

  28. selenagomez494

    ariana: (blows her nose) WHAT is that ??
    spencer: hey
    sam: HeY
    freddie: HEEY !!!

    my fav part !!

  29. possiblyitspow28

    Spencer: what’s beaver-rage? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  30. wcladerman

    nathan kress’ armpits hair <3 HOTT!!

  31. ExGeeex3

    ummm…Robbie is a cheerleader xDD

  32. luvglam001

    Freddies arms ♥

  33. LiuKang719

    I love T-bo “Oh Man”

  34. yazmin2519

    Only 1 question! Haha

  35. musTASHAAA

    why isnt miranda in any of the videos

  36. Hi9045

    Imagine…Going to school…
    “Hey have you seen the new game show no ones talking about?”

  37. Laur4lyfe

    omg spencer <3

  38. theevilcookie173

    it is not your time to talk!

  39. theevilcookie173

    there aint nutin to read

  40. theevilcookie173

    freddies a good hobo

  41. JamilToTheB

    lmfao Ariana’s voice. “WHAT IS THAAT?”

  42. karlhandsome

    She is Hot

  43. lucybabe121

    matt is a sexy cheerleader!

  44. TheSlowpokeWell

    I love ariana so much, i mean look at her: shes flawless.

  45. eliasyenhoj

    itz not ur turn for talking!!!

  46. agrandeandfriends

    Look at Nathan’s muscles

  47. peaceshellpeace

    um no they have an entire film crew to do that. they just say that so little kids believe it lol

  48. KrissyUbiworld

    LOL Robbie Is A Sick Cheerleader!

  49. poppystar1000

    Why is Miranda never in those videos? SEDDIE :)

  50. tunedude19

    nathan kress no sleeves finally

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