Apr 23

400 crazy rednecks shoot guns to scare away the tree witches – 14News – INSANE FOOTAGE.mp4

In Cherryville North Carolina, somehow this is legal. Look at how unbelievably unsafe this is. Where the hell are the police? These people do not know how to fire their guns, and you see several of them get injured. Look how they hold their weapons! This went on for 18 hours, starting on midnight (technically this was January 2nd because they are morons.)
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default 400 crazy rednecks shoot guns to scare away the tree witches   14News   INSANE FOOTAGE.mp4

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  1. thebestusernameeva

    Don’t get me wrong, they’re absolutely terrible when it comes to guns (the underhand thing is just ridiculous), but like I said, it’s all in the name of just hanging out hand having a good time with their community. So what if they get a couple of bruises?

  2. thebestusernameeva

    An injured finger is hardly ever serious. Painful, yes (especially when firearms are involved herp-a-derp), but unless you’ve got a second heart in your fingertip I doubt anything too bad could actually happen. On top of that, even when it comes to rednecks, those who pack in enough powder to turn a musket into a bomb are the lunatic fringe. If this were really that harmful, the world’s redneck supply would’ve run dry by now. If you’ve ever handled a gun, you quickly learn to respect it.

  3. Landoncommando1

    whats the harm? in the way they shoot some of them, easy way to loose fingers. also, like someone said on the video, some end up using WAY to much of a charge(gun powder), which can tend to be very dangerous AND lethal.. can turn a old musket like those into a big hand grenade in basic terms… dumb ass lol

  4. thebestusernameeva

    I honestly don’t see the harm in this. They aren’t using live rounds, and it’s mostly in the name of just having a good time with friends and family at your side. Yes, I understand that this is rambunctious, noisy, and people to get injured, but in the long run, what major problems come out of it?

  5. crazygeek777

    why are they aiming like fucking retards underhanded like that?

  6. wrinklezrulez

    so the fun includes the willful deaths of hundreds if not thousands of wild life (birds) ? And towards what end? The killing of ‘tree-witches’?

    ok, I think I’m just gonna go straight to being totally appalled. If they did that where I live, they’d all go to jail.

  7. mattincinci

    stupid is as stupid does

  8. rednecktrucker1969

    looks like they were just using powder, no live amo, so that is why they need to fire them that way. The powder flash has no direction so it goes everywhere.

  9. souleaterfan1234

    It seems fun if only more people didn’t injure themselves through it.

  10. Kellyrosetta

    As a witch this worries me quite a bit O.o, -checks off new locations on Don’t go here list-

  11. RockBeyondBelief

    They are scaring away tree witches.

    Also they all injure themselves so many times! They are so horrible at guns.

  12. trekleader

    It’s just black powder; they’re not firing rounds off. What’s the problem? It looks like fun…

  13. liltdogg46

    lol the bald headed redneck looks like syone cold

  14. loydmcgill

    are we getting a vegas review or a fucking walk through.

  15. TheTrixRabbi

    NERD RAGE. What kind of walkthrough says “Sorry i don’t know what i’m doing, i’m going to end my video and go look at a walkthrough.” and you sound like a douche.

  16. 111goo

    i meant i didnt kno he was even doing one i just found out he was doing the series

  17. Artificialmind9

    What part of “Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough” did you not understand?

  18. MrYoutwat09

    americans allways swear lol

  19. bradyrussell24

    I only had the chick when I played teh pokah :P

  20. samotron9000

    FUCK!!! i just want to know how to take out the rednecks, god-damn-it!

  21. CutHardstylez

    @joshuazarg where do you get them?? they look cool

  22. TheGamingMoose

    funny thing is im level 50 now or i was in the first 5 days of playing it and i have helped other people so no i dont need help anymore but thanx anyway ;)

  23. LordClairence

    do you still need help playing DR2 ?

  24. TheGamingMoose

    completing the campaign with a mate and do all the cases together

  25. NightRyder101

    what do you need help with?

  26. 111goo

    i didnt know u were doing dr2 playthrough!

  27. TheGamingMoose

    can someone help me on dead rising 2 on the xbox 360 my Gamertag is : Mr SpRiNkL3sRFG add me if you can help

  28. riachbhoy

    …..your an idiot

  29. derekturbo2009

    You suck really badly

  30. tkdavey11

    how did that have anything to do with the rednecks!?

  31. mikethemikeful

    Wears the redneck killing?

  32. Yourmum360

    i dun exactly the same thing as you i put them on then i took them off then i went back to the girl and i FLIPPED !

  33. Greyghostvol1

    You ramble way too much in your videos. Also, the whole “pumping oxygen” is a myth.

  34. widerevenge911

    hey nice storys you tell you are funny and my gamertag for xbox is widerevenge

  35. XLiLJussX

    nightmare wen did u start to do xbox vids and my xbl name is liljuss can u add me

  36. xxtehsofaxx

    this “thing” ? nice lol old lady = thing 0:15

  37. valy225

    europa is sexy O_o

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