Apr 26

Michael Savage Attacks Rush Limbaugh and the other Pseudo-Redneck, Fake Conservatives

Michael Savage Attacks Rush Limbaugh and the other Pseudo-Rednecks
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  1. nurbSoldier

    creating programs and spending lots of money, duh

  2. TheAmericanOriginal

    Uhhh rednecks tend to be liberal haters and Bush was very anti liberal…I dont know if you think the term liberals is interchangable or what but it cant be applied to just whatever party is looked down upon. Liberals are liberals

  3. npagano05

    Youre right, I was unclear. What makes them (Cheney, Bush and Co.) politically/fiscally liberal?

  4. AresCassell

    They’re not neocons or they’re not conservatives?

  5. npagano05

    oooooor, No theyre not? At all?

  6. npagano05

    You like people for exaggerate facts and situations to get their angry point across? Good for you I guess.

  7. aeorta1

    not saying im thrilled with the choices for president this coming term, but seriously, whose side is michael savage on? who does he support? if youre going to throw criticism at obama, and the republicans in general, you should atleast give a little redemption by telling us who YOU support.

  8. Romansteel13

    First he says…
    “Judge a tree by it’s fruits, yours are rotten.”
    Then he says…
    “Anyone who has hate in their heart is blind.”
    Mr. Pot, meet kettle.
    Inconsistent hypocrite. You are worse than the Nazis. At least they were proud of their evil. You pretend to be good, when you are bad. False humility. Hubris.

  9. chrissup19

    Anyone who has hate in their heart is blind, Ron Paul certainly does not hate Jews and neither do I, but you sound as though you just want to pick a fight and act immature though so I bid you good day.

  10. Romansteel13

    “you think because he doesn’t support Israel or the Zionists who run the world”


    I don’t support Israel, but I hate people who hate Jews.

    End of story.

    I’ll mail you a used uniform.

    Who had the revolving fireplace at your childhood home, Chris darling?

  11. chrissup19

    To figure out the solution to a problem you first have to asses why the problem exists, it’s our country and people like you that cause the problems we have in this world. You sure did get me with the whole Google reference thing though, ouch, you sound so smart. We shouldn’t be giving millions of dollars to Israel while we have our own problems and then going to war with Islam, anyone who thinks other wise is a misguided fool with no intelligence of their own.

  12. chrissup19

    First off, you call a man a Jew hater with absolutely no evidence to support your claim, you think because he doesn’t support Israel or the Zionists who run the world that he is a “raging Jew hater” you sound stupid just saying that. He wants equal opportunity for all races and religions, not special treatment for one and the segregation of others. Maybe you’re the one that needs to read my friend, Judge a tree by it’s fruits, yours are rotten.

  13. Romansteel13

    Ron Paul is a raging Jew hater. He sympathizes with Hamas, Hizbollah, Ayatollah Khomeini. I understand these words are arcane to you. Go google them, and learn.
    The first thing a black man has to do is respect himself, you need to read.

  14. hectorsalinasisback

    Rednecks would rather spend billions in U.S. tax dollars to invade and brutally occupy sovereign nation in the middle east, instead of using that money to help our own people here in America first. Rednecks are pro-war liberals & bullies. Obama is just another liberal with policies very similar to Bush, who was one of the most liberal presidents we ever had. Rednecks are anti-American scum. Spend our tax dollars to create new jobs & heal our economy you retarded hillbilly liberals!

  15. CRenard77

    I know how you fell Bro.And meanwhile we’ve got hoards after hoards of illegal aliens coming across the border and noboby seems to want stop them.Its almost as if americans want to give their country to the NWO.Once they lose their freedom,culture,way of life and nation,they’ll never get it back,and maybe they really don’t deserve them.

  16. Reido2828

    Ron Paul? Gary Johnson? I think so:)

  17. AresCassell

    Exactly. They are nothing but trouble.

  18. Agent1W

    Neocons also believe that we should promote democracy in other nations, i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan. If the Iraqi/Afghan people really want democracy, then they ought to throw a revolution themselves just like we did so long ago. And if they really, really wanted our help then they could just ask for it. Last I checked, they weren’t really open to Western foreigners…
    I would not let a neocon take the helm. We have clear and present problems to deal with. <_<

  19. chrissup19

    Ron Paul is that man, he wants America to be free!!! Ron Paul 2012!!!

  20. schiazzacmable

    bush + obama = asshole presidents.



  22. AresCassell

    People like Bush, Cheney (sp but who cares), Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz are NOT conservatives. They are neocons. They may be socially conservative yet they are fiscally/politically liberal. Fuck neocons.

  23. GhenisCanne

    That’s actually a very good question.

  24. Gus589

    o cool I attack palin and limbaugh and people call me democrat and liberal

  25. fr0gspwn

    Don’t mind kenfo0, he’s been obsessively trolling on the internet for years now, so he’s had plenty of practice. Although he’s a bitter xenophobic and homophobic man with an abrasive personality, he’s mostly harmless. He’s like the village idiot of Youtube. It’s best to ignore him and he’ll either get bored and go away or become frustrated and make more of a fool of himself.
    Beware poor spelling, punctuation and grammar are his favorite foods.
    Check his comment history or google his name.

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