Apr 30

Thunderbolt & Lightfoot – 1st Car Chase & Crazy Redneck ‘n Rabbit Car Ride

default Thunderbolt & Lightfoot   1st Car Chase & Crazy Redneck n Rabbit Car Ride

Check out my car styling blog: stylingcarsblog.blogspot.com Red and Goody lie in wait for T & L outside a diner, fire off some welcoming rounds and give chase. Lightfoot looses Goody’s tough old Merc in the hills, but trashes the Riv’s tranny. Later, on foot, they manage to hitch a ride from a insane redneck who likes huffing Mopar exhaust fumes. They survive the wild ride and a rollover to find the rednecks glass jaw and his boot full of hares. Lightfoot finds a going away gift from a raccoon.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

default Thunderbolt & Lightfoot   1st Car Chase & Crazy Redneck n Rabbit Car Ride

Now all we need is a kid shredding on a banjo and we’re set.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. mc16leod

    seen it at the drive inn sure wish we still had those still

  2. wilkesjournal

    “He’s not your run of the mill basket case is he?”

    “This guy is definitely out to lunch!”

  3. Nywarrior50

    Great american film making.Clint and jeff the good old days.Love that 1973 fury!

  4. MrGoblin60

    Hey, haven’t seen this since about 1974. That scene with the maniac in the Plymoth is brilliant; he makes about as much sense as Robert Mugabe and Col Gadaffi combined!

  5. FloraGoldizen122

    You can download the audio-mp3 of this clip at grabtubesnow doht cohm.

  6. theratfarmer

    lol, ahhhhh.

  7. stewielips

    This is my favorite Eastwood film, however, when the Buick goes off the road over the hill, the Eastwood dummy is clear even at full speed. It ALWAYS makes me chuckle a bit. Still doesn’t take away from the beauty of this film or the stellar cinematography… just look at the framing when Bridges sits indian style with the Montana big sky in the background, Clint looks 12 ft tall! awesome!

  8. SheriffTankStoner

    Bill was also Redlegs in ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’, the Constable in ‘The Gauntlet and a few other Clint Eastwood movies. Guess having stock company players is one thing Clint had in common with Jack Webb.

  9. Tusc9969

    One of my favorite buddy movies of the 70′s along with Scarecrow and Midnight Cowboy!

  10. gcdcjccc

    one of the great classic movies of the seventies. the “method” actor driving that Fury is none other than Bill McKinney, the same fella who porked Ned Beatty (another great actor) in the movie Deliverance

  11. bully8691

    i have a 1973 fury just like this bought it off a guy in a small town

  12. graverobber35

    remember not to pick your teeth !

    put the whole movie up!

  13. hamtrak

    At 1:44 you can see a Panavision camera in the backseat and a mannequin in the passenger seat. :o

  14. fuzzynippleman

    eagle bait………poor rabbits. they really scared the shit out of that first one they shot the blanks at…LOL

  15. fuzzynippleman

    good thing they had an off-road car….

  16. jpphy23

    The crazy driver cracks me up so much. I cannot even think about this scene without laughing.

  17. Kylev2

    I want that Fury so badly…

  18. wilkesjournal


  19. treebella23

    I always liked Kennedy……..great actor. What year was this movie?

  20. videozman1

    Fitst saw on cable and scared shit out of me as a kid but grew to like it.

  21. SidJustice1

    Yeah, I wasn’t a big fan of the ’05 remake, either. But yeah, Bridges, Lange and Charles Grodin were great. IDK why ppl didn’t like it. I was very young, but I remember my parents taking us kids to go see that in ’76.

  22. videozman1

    Jessica Lange’s big break. A lot of peole have said that movie was not very good. I have always liked it and better than 05 remake by Peter Jackson IMO.

  23. SidJustice1

    Yeah, nothing like 3 tons of steel haulin’ ass and rollin’ over with rabbits. *lol*

    I’ve always liked Kennedy, too. He has played some great tough bad-ass characters over the years.

    Funny you had mentioned Bridges in ‘KIng Kong’ (1976) he was underrated as hell in that.

  24. videozman1

    Love the old school movie car chases. Classic movie. Jeff and Clint = the best.

  25. futuramagav201

    otis I hate you your a bitch

  26. blackyonbi

    rednecks, if they arent doing stuid laws like SOPA they are killing survivors with their texan justice ( guns)
    gotta love em

  27. booboo1965


  28. Awesomedude142

    You got that stuck in my head

    Whenever I play a game and win a level I go “ya, franks jumping with joy”

    Nice vid

  29. rundiwolf

    the convicts respawn every night until a certain case later on

  30. AirsoftxX808Xx

    same wit me the convicts keep coming back

  31. blues999

    The reason why Cletus can throw you so far is because is power comes from beer. Just like the power of the sniper family comes from their sniper rifles.

  32. silentkiller260

    nice vid

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