May 11

The Enemys on “The Beverly Hillbillies”

I see there’s only a Japanese-dubbed version of this clip from the “Hoedown a-GoGo” episode on YT at the moment, so here it is in English. Sure, future Three Dog Night member Cory Wells is in the band–but the true highlight is the sight of Miss Jane Hathaway getting down…it just GRABS YA, doesn’t it? I also love how out-of-time the vocals are with the backing track on “Pretty Woman.”
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  1. 66LifesMistress77

    Go Cory! I didn’t know he was old enough for this show!!
    LOL! Miss Jane and then later, Jed Clampett! Love this! Never saw this episode!
    Cory so young! But still with that amazing VOICE!

  2. nappyheadhoes

    the funnest 3:37 minutes on this damn YT!!!! FRANTIC!!!!!

  3. eva89117

    How have I missed CORY all these years? First Tony, now Cory. Great clip D. I bow to you as usual!

  4. rollingold1

    Brings back a lot of memories!

  5. photoeng1


  6. Sungold

    That was an awesome clip…thanks for posting it!

  7. snow0355

    Cory 3>>>>>~~
     white boy with soulful voice!

  8. SeattleLA

    Wow! Cory!

  9. Helloeeze

    What a kick to see this.  Cory looked so Beatle-ish. Didn’t know he played guitar.

  10. saico66


  11. corygirl565

    Baby Cory! I have this stored on my DVR…I love it!

  12. allholy14

    Wheeeeee dogggeeeee!

  13. 3DogsLive

    Wow, I’ve never seen this in such high quality!

  14. CloudStrife5671

    This is a great view of a young Mr. Wells!

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