May 22

Craig Ferguson & Jeff Foxworthy Laugh It Up

Craig and Jeff Foxworthy talk about rednecks, Frenchmen, and the travails of standup. It’s always such fun to see two comics talking shop and cracking each other up! icon biggrin Craig Ferguson & Jeff Foxworthy Laugh It Up June 6, 2008
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  1. TheFred3733

    re: Craig not funny?….1) Don’t believe you, and 2) actually feel very sad for you.

  2. ironrushscorp

    the Deliverance reference was awesome

  3. caseyrmma365

    Then get the hell off this channel and quit your bitching.

  4. theothertroll

    It’s dreadfully apparent that Foxworthy doesn’t know American history.

  5. Fergufool

    I do indeed, and on my visits, I have enjoyed the nuances to be found even within the region. The point is that people all too often feel compelled to modify their native accents in order to gain mainstream acceptance, or to be more easily understood.

    This is true in both the US and the UK, particularly in the media and the arts. IMO, BBC English and Standard American English are eroding the music of our language.

  6. yurismir1

    “Craig’s stage accent is adjusted so the general American audience can *understand* him – like a news anchor from Yorkshire? ;)

    What? Do you even know where Yorkshire is?

  7. dancer60ify

    You have to be a person with a more refined sense of humor to really get and enjoy Craig Ferguson. Those who require a more slap/stick simple approach may find his humor above their ability to appreciate it. Believe me, I really enjoy him and think he is a comic genius.

  8. pepsiimaxx02

    thats bullshit thats how he really talks hes lost abit of his strong accent because he has been in america so long

  9. opiumthoughts

    I read the first comment and it read was Ferguson not funny, first I thing I thought he must be Germain. Ferguson is the only late night talk show host that can me cry laughing.

  10. TheFred3733

    Regarding your remark “Believe me, Ferguson is not funny”. His average viewership is more than 1.6 million …so exactly why would we believe you? Robin Williams, Larry King, Michael Sheen, Julie Andrews, Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Anthony Head, Gerard Butler, Ewan McGregor, etc. adore him; so why would we believe you? Authors dedicate books to him, so why would we believe you? Archbishop Desmond Tutu adores him; so why would we believe you? Bye bye.

  11. TrustYourOwnInstinct

    “..Ok, but first..!!” XD

  12. chocho999

    Oh man, Jeff’s laugh is crazy.

  13. Fergufool

    I don’t particularly care for the skeleton. Craig’s stage accent is adjusted so the general American audience can *understand* him – like a news anchor from Yorkshire? ;) Off stage, much more of his natural burr. And I not only love Robin, I was ROFL at them *together*! Check my channel to see Robin’s recent visit to the show. Both were improv geniuses. Oh, BTW – Robin finds Craig funny. :D

  14. ChiefLeftenant

    My friend why are you watching the video and commenting on it? Troll?

  15. eauclaire11

    I’m not going to “believe” you, because you’re wrong. What you meant to say was that YOU don’t find Craig funny. Don’t tell me what I fucking like or think is funny. I already know. Don’t be a dick. Go find someone you like and stop leaving stupid comments that begin with “Believe me..” because that makes you seem like a gigantic, pretentious tool. Which, in all actuality, seems rather likely.

  16. linoma57

    Absolutely,Robin Williams comes to mind a comedy genius. I’m from Scotland and don’t find Ferguson funny at all, for me he reaches for a laugh and never looks quite comfortable with his phoney American accent,he relies on his prop skeleton too much and that’s kind of lame. But to each his own

  17. Fergufool

    With the wide variety of entertainment available, I’m sure you can find something to suit your taste. :) Ferguson suits mine for the most part. (I like a good math or philosophy joke for example!) The others never touch on more esoteric subjects, and are far too plastic and predictable for me.

  18. linoma57

    Believe me ,ferguson is not funny

  19. xpledgeturnprestigex

    he was drinking a lot back then :/

  20. 00WolfSpirit

    A Craigy Crackup. Those are the best things ever in the whole existence of everything.

  21. dorindaletitbe

    Loving your channel!

  22. SinisterSkyline

    oh it isn’t on youtube so please do upload it…and THANKYOU!

  23. Fergufool

    Foxworthy did come back, in 2009. :) If it’s not already on YT, I’ll upload that interview as well.

  24. SinisterSkyline

    Wow, they got along so great i’m kinda shocked that he never came back on the show…

  25. anablic

    You’re busy today !  thanks !!

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