May 27

3 redneck tenors @ american got talents

default 3 redneck tenors @ american got talents

3 redneck tenors @ american got talents


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  1. anselmochevelle

    im not sure whats more spectacular, their voices or their mullets lol. got plenty of those here in the hills i have to say so those guys would fit right in some of the local towns around here lol

  2. anselmochevelle

    for some reason more people wanted to see the shakira since thats the way they voted but im like you…what were they thinking?

  3. Ronboy1

    They are off key

  4. shaulyudbet

    The middle one is like a red headed Oliver Hardy.

  5. rosamel900

    ahh…. the good old times where they show the actual act, not the judges’ response…. -_-

  6. ibleedredwhitendblue

    who paid them to wear those jackets! 

  7. mybuttlookslikeurfac

    They kinda sound like chickens. :/

  8. wiscityguy

    Ok to funny never thought red neck’s could do this stuff..lol made my day that’s for sure.

  9. elephantears1000

    ok! So this just made my day!!

  10. 2hotinaz

    They sound like my chickens in the mornings!

  11. beatsmalone

    ok this is hilarious

  12. Poppingbubble78

    I want these guys to sing me awake in the morning. Or be at my wedding. Thats soo legit.

  13. Ldm0320

    They are good…but they should have performed a different song. It would have been interesting to hear them nail an italian opera piece dressed as they are.

  14. WolfeNailo

    CHICKENS DOING THE 5TH! That’s all that I hear. >.<

  15. jaysonson100

    Rednecks are good

  16. lichmourne00

    *cough* bump

  17. hollytree1996

    This is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!

  18. makeit234

    the four who disliked are black people

  19. Prettycrab13

    GET EM’!!!!! xDD

  20. Dravenswraith

    should have gone with a different song but it was good

  21. supamarkzyxe

    ooh they love their papa so much! :) )

  22. Lumotaku

    David hasselhoff sucks but these guys are awesome.

  23. ThePooppantsman


  24. juresaiyan

    amazing. they simply lost because today the world is full of shit…

  25. JamesCrow22

    lol a country song called the 5th symphony

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