May 30

ROLLIN LIKE A REDNECK – Soggy Bottom Boyz – Jawga Boyz

default ROLLIN LIKE A REDNECK   Soggy Bottom Boyz   Jawga Boyz

Soggy Bottom Boyz – Rollin Like A Redneck, Can’t See My Paint Job – Music by the Jawga Boyz. This is how we do it in the Dirty South


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  1. jonnyboysofly

    who gives a fuck if he drives a yota? i got a t100 and beat the the shit out of it and it never breaks but my buddies chevy is always down, my buddies ford always down, so why would i want a truck that breaks?

  2. foreverinlovealways

    nothing wrong with a redneck. lol :)

  3. elizabeth lachney

    :) :) :)  :) :)

  4. jpat8920


  5. TennesseesCowgirl

    Thats at Royal Blue aint it?? When ther goin through the mudholes.

  6. 12paperline

    Thay roll wid can am 800′s that have gorilla silverbacks

  7. bloodhunter311

    44 in mudders

  8. david amburn

    pretty good video

  9. SupaNami

    wrong .. what type of ATV you roll? .. Suki, Honda, yamaha? ok STFU … Yota’s are tight Country boys don’t Hate till Sunday fuck face :D

  10. muddigger711

    25 inch mud lites

  11. generalleejesse

    look i hate wearing my helmet but i do agree with you ive rolled one when i was 10 or 11 if it wasnt for my protective gear i wouldnt be here today cuz when your doing 40+ over a jump then have to turn soon as you land you learn you need the gear and im only 15 my cousin wont wear their helmets so i dont let them ride my atv unless im driveing slowly in the yard

  12. bruinsrule34

    Can am is the only way to go for mudding

  13. Grant Stevens

    what would be the best tires to put on a 02 rancher 350 4×4

  14. chinhido2

    Your kidding. I’m not cruising my Porsche in mud. I don’t call that fun.

  15. waltherchev1

    You cant be a country boy driving a toyota faggot

  16. seantjackson02

    rollin like a big shot

  17. redraiderfan23

    Might as well get a giant gerbal-ball and put your kids in that! Protect them from the big scary world out there!

  18. ToyotaCountryBoy4

    haha, bet you couldn’t handle her

  19. 69GSpotKilla69

    i have a kawasaki brute force fully rebuilt and modded,with 30 in mudzillaz on it and a 6 in lift and she hasnt seen the mud yet. do you think she would do good??

  20. mjrobinson21

    wat size tires do yall use

  21. lutscherbrandon

    yeahh buddy they are using polaris

  22. caleb smith

    This is a bad mud hole and where is it at ? These guys know how to mud bogg


    killin it son lol

  24. dcrracing1

    Search dcrracing1 on YouTube……plenty of mudding and racing!!!! Enjoy and comment or speak badly about. But lets see if you can figure out his signature in the videos. All videos were recorded using onboard GOPRO HD Cameras.

  25. haterhater1976

    Yea and where’s the life jacket?? Dang it, it only takes a teaspoon full of water to drown.

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