May 31

Hillbilly Gypsies OATS 2009 07 02 2318 “Bring Me a Rose” & “Rocky Top” 07:57

Hillbilly Gypsies at OATS Bluegrass Festival 070209 2318 “Bring Me a Rose” “Rocky Top” Watch in High Quality! www.larrygc.com www.thehillbillygypsies.com I “Brought her a rose”, the one in her hair tonight


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  1. SagDec15

    *sigh* I miss them

  2. TheDiarmaidable

    Oaye… me buoyos….. bring a tear te a hangmans glass eye….areckin.this outfit can play alroight.. anbejasas the gurl can sing hur.!

  3. Obiwannabe

    I love these guys

  4. Tetsuenkai

    I love this song…

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