Jun 01

You Can’t Hide Redneck (Live) Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence performs his song to be released on radio this summer at the Lorn Horn Saloon in New Iberia Louisiana.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. tinkerbelllove151

    im cowboy to the bone and ill tell you i still dont know what the hell redneck means!!!?? cause i dont drink,fight or act rouldy…ill tell ya what this cowboy does is ride horses and strumm my guitar to country western music. you know what i think ill just stay COWBOY to the bone.

  2. marbal05

    i no, but i dont have a better name, other then dumdasses……………….lol

  3. crazyhorse1369

    LOL , well i call them wanna be’s .

  4. marbal05

    cuz i always hated rednecks cuz i thought they hated ppl like me, but really only the wanna be rednecks hate me, not the real ones.

  5. crazyhorse1369

    How ?

  6. marbal05

    u just made me fell stupider then da wanna be rednecks, lol……….:(

  7. crazyhorse1369

    Pennsylvania rednecks are wanna be rednecks . In order to be a real redneck , you have to be from the south . I do know what you are talking about though . I have came across these wanna be rednecks many times in my visits to penn . Don’t let em get you down .

  8. marbal05

    i moved from nyc to a small redneck town in pennsylvania ( usa ), and i have expirenced hate for all the 4 years iv been here. and once a lil 10 year old girl told my mom to go back to where she came from, and then dat girls mom told my mom da same thing ( like agreeing wit her ) and there have been many things like dat happeing, and u no wat, maybe not all rednecks r racist, but where i live now most are……….and lets not argu, ok i have meet some rednecks dat r nice to me.

  9. crazyhorse1369

    Dude , You are an idiot . Redneck has nothing to do with hate . I have met plenty of mexicans who consider themselves redneck . I get along good with people of all colors and im a redneck . You generalizing all rednecks as racists makes you look dumb . After all , you hate racists because they generalize , yet you are doing the same thing .

  10. TheMNRedneck

    I’m A Proud Ass Redneck

  11. marbal05

    thank god im not redneck……..im a METALHEAD……..my mom just left dis open so i had 2 lol…its my account anyway..lol………….i hate rednecks, JUST CUZ UR BLACK OR HISPANIC OR HAVE AN ACSENT DOESNT MEAN UR A BAD PERSON….rednecks just never learn…….idiots….

  12. mudjug1

    Haha You crazy man! I just love this song!! High on copenhagen maybe!! haha

  13. rebela2111

    i see u got high whent commenting on stuff again jk

  14. mudjug1

    Redneck all the way!!! Yeehaww!!

  15. MrFrattt87

    i love it

  16. rednkgrl72

    Very proud to be a redneck girl! =)

  17. kountrygrl27

    I’m proud to be a redneck!!!

  18. Buanand

    here’s a redneck with a 4.0

  19. moc2013

    This song is me. i’ve been called a hick but really i’m a REDNECK & PROUD OF IT. I’m a hardass working guy trying to make a living and its hard but that’s the TRUE TRUE meaning of a REDNECK


    PROUD TO BE REDNECK N DONT WORRY YALL ITS IMPOSSIBLE FER ME TO HIDE IT they can take my bullets one at a time…….. when it comes out my gun n they gotta loosen up my grip of my hands before they get my gun

  21. cowhand8405

    Redneck and damn proud of it. Clingin to my god and guns. They’ll take my guns over my dead body.

  22. gomroughneck

    Proud Louisiana Redneck

  23. MarcosNavarrete2

    this song is badass..i listened to it all summer!!

  24. drummadave60

    isnt that the truth i mean we just walk into somewhere and people know

  25. lewisw454454

    TRUE, if your a REDNECK you shurly cant hide it NO MATTER WHAT

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