Jun 23

Bill Engvall – Redneck Comedy Roundup 5

Redneck Comedy Roundup (9 August 2005) (USA) www.imdb.com This is just their old material wrapped in a new packet For people who love Ron,Bill and Jeff.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. angusyoung15

    “Winnie-the-Pooh, Winnie-the-Pooh”

  2. redreaper2020

    weird. Seeing them all young.
    I think they aged well.

  3. Mr0008vax

    bill’s more of a hunter instead of a redneck

  4. tazerboy999

    Jesus, he looks like a member of the mob

  5. dataslul

    Massively unfunny. In what way is this guy a redneck? He looks like an Insurance Agent.

  6. bighoz99


  7. DJtheShocker


  8. ConstantineChernabog

    Its like we’re looking into some bizarre parallel universe! What’s next, Eddy Izzard in a suit & tie, Robin Williams tanned and hairless?!

  9. rj1982ii

    Well that’s how you can tell if my dad’s driving good by the sound my mom makes.

  10. LeftiesWillRule

    that was hilarious!

  11. tsiewell1997

    personaly ron can smoke and drnk all he wants

  12. Joeyland

    soft comic

  13. Joeyland

    soft comic

  14. Morrbyd

    IS THERE A GOD! lol

  15. cnlaw

    1991 ish

  16. FFEMT152

    his voice is so nasally

  17. AtrumTentatio

    Holy Hell he’s so young! He doesn’t even sound like him.

  18. rockergirl5995

    the  sununu joke was lame

  19. 6irondriver

    Yeah and don’t forget the cheesy brick wall behind them.

  20. SSJ4human

    my cousins name is ariel

  21. constintean

    bill with a shave
    ron with long hair
    larry that is not the redneck

  22. nashvillediva1983

    I’ll admit that I do the driving thing too. When my husband drives I drive him insane.

  23. daverc51


  24. writertrump

    engvall is great

    ron white is great, but FUCK stop drinking n smokin

    jeff foxworthy is great too

    and never forget larry the cable guy!

  25. DragonXero

    1989 and 1992 actually, The Little Mermaid and All Dogs Go to Heaven came out in 1989.

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