Jun 26

Big Devine – Mud In My Blood

DOWNLOAD NOW, itunes.apple.com Music video slideshow dedicated to all the rednecks out there. Download the song and blast it when your tearin up the mudhole.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here’s a great song that I hadn’t heard in years except in RE-RECORDS! FOOEY! Here’s the original! A #14 hit early in 1974.


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  1. Texville

    Listen to this guy. He writes his own music and lyrics. He is quite good, but has no microphone or other equipment. But, the song it pretty damn good. Let’s do it for country music.

  2. 1sick89lx

    this is a sick ass song. keep it up.

  3. shelby wiley

    fords rock idk what your talking about but most people i no like ford chevys suck balls i can tell u that FORDS ROCK

  4. kurbanosky

    yaaaa buddy

  5. 85forddiesel

    Ford- Found Offroad Rescuing Duramaxes

  6. 999GunMan

    Ford- Found Offroad Rescuing Dodges

  7. JCLmin

    When JESUS CHRIST comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, HE will sit on his glorious throne. TURN TO JESUS CHRIST !

  8. usmclynn22

    the guys are hot 0:49

  9. Deepinthemud550

    Need to make some more songs!

  10. CountryRapKing

    The King of Country Rap is Mikel Knight!!  Facebook/ Itunes/Youtube

  11. lulo4000

    this song makes me think on how i fuck ur sister i my 57 chevy

  12. loveandLust27

    If you’re real hardcore you get your blood in the mud.

  13. muddigger310

    Fords suck chevy is where its at

  14. muddigger310

    Ford-found on road dead - fix or repair dayly – flimsy old rebuilt dodge

  15. greenbaybitch123

    u got it wrong if u from south and your a redneck like me its FORD FOR LIFE

  16. colt gaige

    FORD! built for erything ;) livig in the mud#

  17. young blood hoghunter

    hell yea my chevy will shit mine will pull a toyota in 2 wheel drive

  18. young blood hoghunter

    shit all rednecks r wild thatswat were here 4

  19. muddigger310

    Big ones

  20. LoveLadyLong

    Y’all rednecks wild. I like this shit

  21. theCANADIANmint

    anybody know what kind of rims are on that huge red and silver chevy

  22. CoronaCowgirl

    Hell yeah!

  23. HunterDrennen97

    I’m a Chevy boy til’ I die, but can’t deny i’m kinda likin’ my ’87 F-250 Diesel.

  24. MissRedneckAndProud

    Being a redneck, I absolutely love this and can relate. :D

  25. toocrass9

    beer+ truck+ mud= pussy. gotta get it straight

  26. dcm198422

    he should be there along with john denvers and keith whitleys.

  27. mantle64

    Sad but true. It will be up to us real country music fans to keep Johnny’s memory & music alive.

  28. richa0254

    My Aunt always swore this was about a Jessie Taylor from Franklin Co., NC – baptized outside Louisburg in Cedar Creek – whether this is true or not I have no idea

  29. MrJaypitbull

    well he needs to be

  30. luckybriaN100

    This song is a wonderfully close parallel to ‘Amazing Grace’.

  31. headredbone

    Johnny probably will not make it into the CMHF, not with the clowns that run Nashville now.

  32. headredbone

    Johnny probably will not make into the CMHF, not with the clowns that are running Nashville now.

  33. Mnnamvet65

    This song and some of the other by John, remind me of when I was a just young boy about 8 or 9 when we lived on the farm. We would all go to church on Sunday morning in my Dads old 40 Chevy, and after church all the grown ups would get together in the church yard and talk and smoke and the kids would all be playing in the back in the woods by the pond behind the church.

  34. Techno4862

    This song was based on a true story.

  35. Micheal4462

    Can you see me now?

  36. billyadams1964

    love this song

  37. stillsouthern3

    I remember hearing this on a real old radio when i was around 10 yrs old. I havent heard this song by Johnny in over THIRTY SEVEN YEARS. WHAT A TREAT!!!! Thank u so much wilburscott

  38. Jesusdiedonceand4all

    Praise God brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. musicmandon1

    Same happened to me 9 years ago. Satan lost a guy who openly laughed at Christians on the baseball teams I worked for, and told them they were all wasting their time when they could be drinking, cussing and having a rowdy good time. God saved my soul, worthless though it would be without his grace.

  40. greekkid45

    johnny russel needs to be in the hall of fame

  41. kuko6923


  42. NoMutantAllowed

    Johnny was a badass

  43. Rabadamtimtimti

    Indeed. Johnny broke through in a time when talent sold records, not looks or image.

    Go figure.

  44. Memphis1943

    Whoa, this great Johnny Russell song makes even an athsist like me wanna do church.

  45. jwhardig

    he should be in the hall of fame.

  46. ffbrockr18

    Love this song

  47. moproducer

    There are Cedar Creeks in Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. I think it’s a franchise, like McDonalds. So go to your friendly neighborhood Cedar Creek and get baptized. Tell ‘em Jesus sent ya.

  48. sunnyskies365

    My parents saw him in concert one year prior to his death and said he was WONDERFUL! He is such a wonderful singer. He seemed to be successful for a larger man. Goes to show that it isn’t on the outside that makes someone golden!

  49. dannyray6

    why not. he should be. he help mold country music and song writing.

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