Jun 26

Moonshine Stills, Moonshine still, copper moonshine still, Hillbilly Flute

you can purchase this at www.hillbillystills.com www.hillbillystills.com for information on distilling you can visit www.homedistiller.org
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  1. tyvek05

    ol’ popcorn sutton said that stainless was better than copper, and he was the real deal. i know that with all our fancy new science people can come up with whats “perfect” but i would take his word over any of that science crap anyday. he was the best shiner around and knew what worked best.

  2. goodtimes616

    awesome!!!!!! but that’s no longer in the realm of hillbilly…it’s a beautiful still!

  3. myownspiritlevel

    Aren’t you worried about a SWAT team kicking in your front door, shooting your dogs, putting their boots to your neck?

  4. nattydreadlocks1973


  5. NWyodamatt

    yea boys

  6. lunatick513


  7. sorebuttcheek

    Very nice still, are you ever concerned with lead leaching from the brass fittings?

  8. AssaultWeaponChannel

    There are cups soldered on the interior of the tower so that as steam moved up, it hits the cups and condensates. It’s done all the way up the tower so that none of the water reaches the top (water has higher evaporation point than the alcohol). You don’t need to do it that way though, you can use the copper pot scrubbers they sell to clean pots and pans (it’s basically a mesh made of copper) just make sure they’re not the kind with soap in them!

  9. schecterkid123

    ive never brewed anything, but im really curious. what are the different levels in that tower part with the glass holes in it? how is the liquid all at different levels? an explanation of how that works would be much appreciated! :D

  10. ryanwk628

    what gives it such a quick flow? Is it the size of the boiler?

  11. Dirtroit

    Awesome sculpture man! Is that grand Funk Railroad?

  12. hpjunky70

    I’m chatin with a kid that is telling me if you apply for a ethonal permit the ATF comes to your house and tests your still. He is saying if they find you have used it you will be arrested. Also he is claiming if you get caught makin ethonal without a permit you will be facing 25 years in prison. WTF is up with that? Please someone reply to this and tell me he’s wrong. I have a hard time believing someone would spend $2000 on something like this and take such a risk.

  13. maryregina7

    Music is all you can hear..

  14. hpjunky70

    I’m going back and forth between a pot still and a reflux still. They say the reflux stills strip all the flavor also i heard it’s not nessasary to use corn in the mash of a reflux still because it will srtip the flavores. I was under the impression that all the flavores were from aging in a barrel. What’s your opinion on this? I’m not going to make fuel so i want the best spirits i can make and i figured i would age it to make whiskey and other boozes. Help please. I need some direction…

  15. 250bsabrian

    I want one NOW.!!!!

  16. DaveWreckingCrew


  17. jmg1957

    peace spiritpipeman

  18. richnjeanie

    haha hell yeah. . . and me ? :

  19. 904RiotFamily

    thats why you gotta be cool with the neighbors and give them a jar…

  20. penztoy

    if you’re going to talk on your videos then maybe try using a soundtrack that’s only an instrumental and maybe only a 1/4 of the volume of your voice loudness. Just saying…
    Your vids are very good, you guys just need a sound and video mixer.

  21. wakajawakaful

    Perhaps there is a version of this video without the music? It would be nice to not have to turn the audio so far down that I can’t hear anything at all.

  22. TheBanjo2010

    e mail me a plan

  23. booboo101295

    thats what you call a hilibilly fluet where i come from thats some good shit

  24. richnjeanie

    wait until the neighbors ball goes into your yard xD

  25. CrashMarket

    @Jackass610 Grand Funk RR

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