Jun 27

Jed Clampett Rocks Out (Beverly Hilbillies Clip)

This has to be one of the very best clips from “The Beverly Hillbillies”.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. earlyrisersteph

    I just started looking for him saying Whoooo doggie and this is where I landed!

  2. NelsonStJames

    I always liked the fact that though the Clampletts were portrayed as being unsophisticated about city ways, the producers never portrayed them as being stupid. Jed always even, in sillier moments, had a kind of dignity about about him. If this show were made today (or remade) I don’t think that aspect would make it.

  3. Utoober67


  4. radiowwww

    She  also played in a movie with elvis presley called”FRANKIE AND JOHNNIE”. She was really good in it also, she was not in th elly mae character.

  5. 82sweetheart

    It’s better than anything I hear on the radio today!!  ; )

  6. sabinoson

    I’d buy it! LOL!

  7. cardboardcity2012

    love the danelectro doubleneck

  8. ItsBeccaHey

    Does anyone know how to gat a picture of this???

  9. BigBlackRod

    I see Dwight Yaokam all up in this…PEACE.

  10. forku2umf

    He kinda has a David Bowie look to him. Waaaaaaaaaay more talent than Bowie!

  11. kymarcin

    I love the fact that he fooled the city folk at the end of the clip.

  12. willie25107

    Bieber ripped off Jed Clampett!

  13. ItsMeItsOlive

    This scene always cracks me up LOL

  14. ArianWhite

    Isn’t this pretty much the time the Beverly Hillbillies “jumped the shark”?

  15. keeblergraham21

    Easily one of the funniest bits in television history.  Brilliant.

  16. CadeTatum

    I wish I had a time machine.

  17. beechcat

    When Jed Clampett died, he was reincarnated as Justin Bieber, who is now singing this song.

  18. RJRanke

    Yeah!In this scene,she looked so glamorous and lovely that she could give the late Marylin Monroe a run for her money.(Did they dress her this way to suggest Marylin?)

  19. gcmc2

    Eeeeeee dawgee

  20. LosAngeleno1959

    Granny-”Ellie Mae! Quit scratchin yerself!”

    Ellie Mae-”I can’t help it granny!,I’ve got critters!”.

  21. ghiribizzi

    Wise Old hound!!!!

  22. NathanJohnVolk

    Buddy Ebsen is a titan. Emmy moment here.

  23. ethen24

    “…Well baby, Well baby, Well baby, Oh baby, Oh baby, yeah baby, yeah baby, oh baby, well baby, oh baby, yeah baby…”

    A catchy song, even though he’s just repeating the same lines…lol

  24. RichYan33

    Great! That song will be stuck in my head all day!

  25. halipino

    oh baby, yeah baby! lol
    Cool, a double neck Dan Electro guit-fiddle

  26. leCocoapuffication

    its not a freaking motorcycle its a dirt bike

  27. natetwist12


  28. IggyHazard

    Motorcycle + chainsaw = The Running Man.
    Is it possible to hogtie a still-living looter and use it as zombie bait? That’s what they should have done in London. Two birds with one stone. Beat the piss out of the looters but keep them alive. Then chain them to poles or something to lure zombies into some kind of trap involving electricity like in Return of the Living Dead 2. Shaun of the Dead proved that gun control is bollocks. By the way, do you play Killing Floor?

  29. bigj78888

    nighttime means your fucked lol


    I know what gems and flashlight makes I made it before and it makes…. FIND OUT AND WATCH NOW OR I’LL BLOW UR F*beep*ING HEAD OFF!!

  31. Glowmunster666

    wooo! lightsaber!!

  32. DLAlucard

    Well Doris is a hillbillie, im sure she is used to taking a ‘shot’ from behind by her daddy XD

  33. TheOffice2212

    Your either Luke Skywalker or fucking Mace Windu!

  34. mrpushkush420

    “its night time now which means its………night time now”

  35. aglefed

    its playstation 3, not xbox, and he used the gloves once, one shot kill and threw them away, wtf

  36. Babyprincess0897

    1:46 cant you see i have bigger problems?! :D :D :D

  37. JetsLT4ever

    5:20 Hairy boobs

  38. JetsLT4ever

    Dude whats your gamertag??

  39. devyl46

    I laughed so hard when he said “Whats urgent is me blending a flashlight and jewels to make a fuckin awessome lightsabor

  40. MrWagaFlaga

    -”Whats up’
    -”Yea whatsup, Stop trying to sound cool”
    remind you of anybody FluFfee

  41. sickestdancer98


  42. JKayTeamRecovery

    what r the chances of u and i both playing deadrising 2??

  43. violet020999

    “Kill all the zombies, with my biiike!”

  44. flower69456

    wwwweeeeeeeeed :D 

  45. bigmanchan

    Dorris is his wife

  46. PyrozPlayground

    I’m not gonna tell you, that’s a chair! You need the flashlight! There you go! XD

  47. isaac5671

    whats your psn name

  48. PhYsIcSniping

    were you high??? i think so. :D

  49. TheSuperS0ldier

    Do u smoke alot of weed ? xD or is it just me ? :O

  50. Sdddude123


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