Jul 03

The Richard Pryor Show – America Don’t Know Who You Are?

Pryor performs a brief stand-up segment at the insistence of the network, as he explains: “America don’t know who you are…they see black people and they get nervous.” He then talks briefly about his childhood, hillbillies, and funerals.
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  1. AManOfCreativity

    good call. didn’t even catch that.

  2. clicks94

    at 2:30 the way he talks he reminds me of Bill Cosby

  3. slice39

    So many mainstream comics owe their careers to Pryor. Just look in the audience, I see Tim Reid, Sandra Bernhard, John Witherspoon and Robin Williams.

  4. slice39

    That’s Marlene Clark, she’s an actress who did small roles in a few movies like Midnight Cowboy. She’s probably best known as Lamont Sanford’s girlfriend in Sanford and Son. She was also married to Billy Dee Williams for a few years. Billy’s got good taste, huh? lol

  5. KungFuJWB

    Mmm… the woman @3:24 is really gorgeous…. Who is she? (I know, rhetorical, but still, who is she?)

  6. DjBobbyInLosAngeles

    This is funnny?

  7. SheaAujanel

    cant get enough of Pryor!

  8. goodymfla

    j witherspoon in the audience

  9. JayGatsbyOdysseus

    I thought it was interesting that no one laughed when he said he had to come out on TV so people could see him and not be afraid of a black man. This was meant to be a joke by Pryor but people were a little too uptight to laugh or didn’t get it. Richard Pryor is one of the greats.

  10. jakeenan

    Funny ole world ain’t it. REEFER gets by the censor but the word ASS….no, no, no we can’t be hearing him say that. In the end, he could only get in the white-money door with his act so watered down that he was a pale shadow of himself.

  11. whiterottenrabbit

    He should have visited a Russian funeral: some women were not only crying their soul out, they were almost jumping down after the coffin or trying to hold back the men who were shoveling.

  12. dondred

    lmao, greatt ishhttt he nailed itt gooood.

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