Jul 06

Donald O’Connor Irene Ryan Hollywood Backstage

default Donald OConnor Irene Ryan Hollywood Backstage

Hollywood Backstage – Donald O’Connor and Irene Ryan Beverly Hillbillies granny speaks with Donald O’Connor about the old days of vaudeville.

I am a proud Texan and Southerner. God bless the South and y’all Southerners who love their heritage.


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  1. videoinformer

    It’s neat to see the brilliant, not so old actress who played “Granny” so well you believed she was Granny in real life interviewed out of character and as herself, the lovely, sweet lady, Irene Ryan. I love the warmth she exudes as she interacts with her longtime friend, Donald O’Connor. Great clip!

  2. lotsandlotsofbubbles

    They are so CUTE together!!! lol. What a combination!

  3. frankftw

    Miss Ryan was never “too good” to not appear as “Granny” on other shows like “The Hollywood Palace” since that’s what her fans wanted.

  4. dux4111

    Brings back memories of watching ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ with my grandma. I stayed with my grandma a lot after grandpa died and this was one of our favorite shows. Enjoyed this interview; makes me nostalgic for the old days! :)

  5. bayonnetenor

    It’s a shame there’s no sound film of “Shakespeare Plays the Café.”

  6. capatga

    I saw Ms Ryan in an episode of the “Twilight Zone “

  7. davehutchinson67

    Wow…Irene Ryan..something else huh…always knew Granny had that sweet side…listen and look at her here….just as friendly as all get out…and she mentions at 4:40 her and her husband..it has been said that her and husband Tim Ryan inspired George and Gracie..now aint that something!

  8. unholyimage

    Does anyone else think that guy looks like Gerald Cassale of Devo?

  9. ekocentric

    I grew up in the 1960′s and watched the show, but you really got me with the info that he was older than she looked for the part of Granny!! I have often been tricked into thinking that an actor was older or younger than in real life. Wow

  10. arlichar11

    wow this is neat.. i wish there were more interviws with this amazing lady…she was much younger but played the part and had everyone convinced she was awnry old lady! me and my grandma always watch hillbillies my whole life good times

  11. PussycatNonsense

    I would guess it could be 1964 or 1966 as he had pilots for programmes in both of those years which weren’t picked up.

  12. keca1430

    A wonderful, rare video, nice to see Irene Ryan talk about her days in vaudeville!! I know she was always a fine comedienne, and was featured for as few years on The Bob Hope Show on radio in the 1940s. She was a guest star once on Dean Martin’s weekly TV variety show, and looked great without the ‘Granny’ make-up, and then did a skit with Dean in the Granny costume, as well.  I’d love to see that on you tube.

  13. Beautifulmusiclistnr

    This sure is a gem of a video. I so enjoyed Francis the Talking Mule movies. They were much better than “Mr. Ed”. Irene Ryan was a classic Granny. I’m not too sure what Irene looks like without her Granny outfit.

  14. BabeBroadway

    Yessiree…Donald was an imp and acrobat ,a swell singer, an amazing dancer, and adorable!

  15. insect1752

    Wow… interesting combination. Born almost 23 years apart, but both with vaudeville backgrounds. They talk about Patsy, who was Donald’s niece (daughter of his older brother Jack) and only a year or two younger than he was. Wonder what became of her…

  16. nomie0999

    Very interesting. I love Donald’s impish smile after he says Irene “did the strip.” :D

  17. carrot1ful

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  34. Jameson10314

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  35. pinkiepieazz

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  36. MrAlabamaOutdoorsman

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  37. AH7012

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  42. cdrsportspaintball

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