Jul 22

Craig Morgan- Bonfire

lyrics… Subscribe Craig Morgan- Bonfire verse 1 you can see it from the river to the top of white pine ridge burning like a summer sun a bunch of rednecks getting half lit there’s mud-covered trucks and suvs cranking out hank and ac/dc Chorus at the bonfire, out in the sticks country backwoods, homegrown hicks bonfire, dance a little jig, hold up your cup and take another swig won’t sleep til dawn, party right down to the wire at the bonfire verse 2 everybody sees the headlights when old Sheriff John pulled up we all got a little nervous it’s too late to hide our cups he pops a top and hollers real loud dont worry yall i came to hang out (repeat chorus) you dont have to be from around here to know right where to go all you gotta do is load up and head towards glow (repeat chorus) at the bonfire were all hanging at the bonfire


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  1. liverpoolwtf

    thumbs up if your dipping cope wintergreen :)

  2. LeftyKidd44

    packin fat dips all day and listening to country

  3. abby marsh


  4. 555skipknot666

    how fuckin ironic haha i just packed a lip, scrolled down, and saw your comment

  5. Bailey Reynolds

    leavin to go have one right now :) this is my theme song as of now……

  6. mountainman787


  7. Vince Powers

    Having one for my 21st party in 2 months :) can’t wait

  8. channing97

    just saw him live last night in North Dakota… one of the best concerts ive been to in a long time.
    -Black Lightning

  9. TheGuywithecamera

    pallets and diesel lol

  10. NKeen1000

    My dad was born and raised in a town of 40 people. My grandparents moved from there to their new house about 4 miles closer to another town of about 25 people. Trust me, they’re not rednecks so it doesn’t make you one. I was raised in a town of 2500 people and I’m more redneck than the rest of my family. There’s a town 8 miles from my house of about 50 people, and another about 10 miles beyond that of only about 15 or 20 lol. 200 is big for our county except the county seat lol

  11. thesportsman01

    story of my life

  12. Smallenginerepair1

    7 people don’t know how to build a bonfire in the sticks

  13. Stacyloveshorses

    i wish there was the christmas version i heard on the radio on here xD

  14. FlatBillThug1017

    My bonfires lil

  15. MusicislikeCandy1

    I love this song:)

  16. ilovejonathan7592

    did that lastnight…breckenridge tx

  17. nuzleechick

    comming from a persons whos username is rainbow pink 0.o

  18. wolfman4591

    Shit yall im from the country and we had fires all the time and then we moved to the city and hell i went in my backyard made myself a fire and neighbor done called the cops on me. I hate in the city. Country for life yall!!

  19. RachelRae767

    my town dosent even have 200 people lol :) 

  20. slobslay1

    its weird im just like this song all the people from my town are but its in canada

  21. cursedman555

    This is the only music we listen to down at my aunts we are a family of rednecks and hillbillies

  22. AwesumHalloweenLuver

    Doesnt Make Yuh A Redneck! Nless That’s How You R :P

  23. MrReece2003

    does this make me a redneck? lol. i do live in a town with like only 200 people. lol.

  24. MrReece2003

    great song, and i hardly listen to country at all, you just can’t argue with this one though, great stuff

  25. MrSkoaledge

    thumbs up if your listening to this and dippin

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