Jul 30

Tuberculosis-Man Begins

The world is in a state of disarray. War, global warming, WMD’s, earthquakes, floods, tyrants, and conservative rednecks! Who will save us? Witness the rise of TUBERCULOSIS MAN! Episode 2 of the all original web series created by the Van Vuuren Bros. In this episode, Connor suggests that Christiaan’s TB might be a great way to save the world, by ridding planet earth of all evil doers… Will our heroes succeed? Will the earth become a better place because of the TB? You will have to watch to find out…

Yamaha Warrior and Honda 400EX’s. just a little fun in Kentucky
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. soccerstar643762

    @SonyCamry Stfu mate

  2. TrumanTehSupraTiger

    You guys are great.

  3. fugitive1201

    Not gonna lie, up until 2:04 I thought you guys were conjuring up plans on how to save the world with your “T.V.” …was confused for a bit, but now I got it. Cheers.

  4. ChristiaanVanVuuren

    I can thank my brother for the story line! He wrote it…

  5. ChristiaanVanVuuren

    Yeah I did, but we filmed heaps of stuff in there that we still haven’t even finished working through yet… took a bit of a breather from it all, and we’ll get the rest of it online soon…

  6. ChristiaanVanVuuren

    Out my friend! I’ve been out a while now… Spent a long time in there though!

  7. maagmotar

    do u know when ur getting out of quartine?

  8. hellsrage619

    What happened?


  9. doctorvannostrand55

    this was fully, fully, fully, sick. instead of stupid jersey shore, you two should have your own show. also, you both really look like gerard butler.

  10. danineteen

    “Why would you do that? Ninja roll.”

    According to this video, I’m evil because I read mX on the train.

  11. ofomatheblackbelt

    who is your friend

  12. sk8allday1337

    wow, this vid seemed to have alot of effort put into it. it was great. i hope it goes viral.

  13. MrRobotron666

    all the best on the recovery :)

  14. blackratchet1

    i thought he got out of the hospital

  15. lucas101ish

    13,551 views!? thats not enough!
    its actually really good! story line and everything haha

  16. ChristiaanVanVuuren

    Nearly there thanks mate. Another week or two and I’l be done.

  17. ChristiaanVanVuuren

    Massively. I’m claiming it now anyway!

  18. McCuzz69

    eminem spacebound official video leaked – watch?v=QnTOpPxpUQo

  19. assman3467

    yeah d wade

  20. ChristiaanVanVuuren

    That is my friend Igor… He is awesome.

  21. moocowis

    Why so serious?

    That bit got many lulz

  22. ChristiaanVanVuuren

    Maybe you just need to let your beautiful side shine through. Let your inner beauty sing out to the world. They will hear your calling.

  23. SonyCamry

    no im not im an ugly kunt ive never kissed a girl

  24. ChristiaanVanVuuren

    That’s correct, during the time that I was quarantined, I did not have sex for six and a half months.

  25. ChristiaanVanVuuren

    You are a beautiful man.

  26. OFFroadISbeast

    Blowin a little smoke EH!

  27. david19952007

    learn english

  28. smlzvids

    @mx101crazy Oh my god!!!! I think you just made the longest sentence in the world!!!!

  29. smlzvids

    @mx101crazy Oh my god!!!! I think you just made the longest sentence in the world!!!!!

  30. sc10crashtestdummy

    that warrior smokes more than my friends yz80 when its running rich!

  31. jjoe2967

    get that guy off the warrior he does not no how to drive ittt

  32. mx101crazy

    yea iv got into a wreck with my cuz and i thought i was gonna die i had a concussion and getting sick but they are very nice bike but my cuz had a kawasaki mojave 250 with the white bros e series pipe and wiesco piston and board 60 over and we were going for the last lap and he nailed it and we stopped at the last second and the rear kicked side ways cuz of a stick and we were only going 40 and and it rolled and i went head first and luccky i was ok then got sick but saftey first thats all.

  33. mx101crazy

    nice warrior

  34. mrbobbyclark

    man your right..nice comment

  35. gowerryan

    heyy guys i m not hating but wear helmets me and a bud just got in a pretty bad wreck together and if we didn t have our helmets i would be dead right now i smacked my head on the pavement at 80 and i was lucky enough to get up and walk away with out serious injuries but if i didn t have my helmet i would be in the ground right now

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