Jul 31

Red State Update at Belmont Debate

default Red State Update at Belmont Debate

Click that yellow button up there to subscribe to us, buddy. Jackie and Dunlap drove up to Nashville to cover the second presidential debate between Obama and McCain and Belmont University. Thanks to everybody who talked to us. Camera: Chris Conner Audio: Matt Hamilton Get our CD “How Freedom Sounds” at www.redstateupdate.com, Amazon, or iTunes.
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default Red State Update at Belmont Debate

Pumpjack is a gritty blend of old school ass-kickin’ rock n’ roll with a whiskey-soaked southern edge from Midland, Texas Home of oilfields and honky-tonks; roughnecks and rednecks; backyard barbecues,.22s, and Baby Jessica. Wheres theres beer, women, kindbud, and Bar-BQ, you’ll find Pumpjack… Drinkin’ and makin’ friends!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. ThomasStillbranch

    1:55 hee hee

  2. beendanked

    “Is this some of that Al Gore shit” lmao


    Who would Jesus Bomb? …. Oh I like that, yeah.


  4. someblokeintheuk

    I like your stuff guys. Shame people don’t always see when you’re just trying to have a laugh.

  5. armoredmex116

    oh wait, white trash, for obama lolz


    check out al gore’s utility bills

  7. CrocodileAvoider

    LittleStinky69 – You are too stupid to live, much less comment intelligently on any important political issues, or on world history. I guess that makes you the ideal Obama supporter. Good luck.

  8. LittlePinky82

    I also wanted to add you got the quote wrong doy. If you’re going to quote someone at least get it right. It’s “each according to his needs, each according to his abilities.” Oh and if you pay attention McCain is talking about “spreading the wealth” around too but he’s a moron thinking it’ll happen by giving tax cuts to the rich. Gee how’s that been working out these last eight yrs?

  9. LittlePinky82

    Obviously you didn’t actually see the whole video of Obama talking about his plans. I betcha you haven’t even read his policy plans on taxes on his website which you can download and read. LOL how can Karl Marx control the power when he’s been dead? LOL. But hey you’re the one who believes Obama is a socialist. LOL! There’s only one socialist in the U.S. government in the House/Senate and that’s Bernie Sanders. Obama is nothing CLOSE to him. Moron.

  10. joseywhales1998

    thats a true american guy, hotties rule over politics

  11. joseywhales1998

    i want to here more about the hotties

  12. CrocodileAvoider

    LittleStinky69 – You’re the one who called me a “moron” first, you moron. Marx said, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” OR, as the Marxist Obama said on camera a few days ago, we need to “spread the wealth around.” The two sentences have exaclty the same meaning, and represent the heart of Socialist and Communist philosophy. By the way, neither Marx nor Obama actually want to spread the wealth. They just want to control the power. You’ll be left out.

  13. LittlePinky82

    LOL. If Dunlap can sit around for “The Women” he must really like those girls. :)  I’m a female and not even I would sit through that…

  14. LittlePinky82

    Oh and I really don’t think you should be going around and call other people “morons” because you’re the one who thinks Obama is a socialist. LOL!!!! Thanks for the laugh. Try educating yourself please before you make yourself look like a fool.

  15. LittlePinky82

    Oh please. Give me a break. Again Rick Davis was a paid lobbyist for Freddie and Fannie and now a key adviser on McCain’s campaign if not his manager. Get real. You obviously don’t even know what a socialist or a communist is because you keep calling Obama and Chris Dodd one. LOL. Maybe you should spend your time actually educating yourself on the writings of Karl Marx instead of trying to lecture an actual socialist on what socialism is. Let me tell you this: YOU ARE CLUELESS.

  16. slice60

    Loved it when Dunlap tried to pick up the hottie co-eds by asking them to go see “The Women”. Now that’s commitment! I thought for sure ol’ Dunlap would reel ‘em in with that offer.

    Forget about Joe The Plumber…I want to learn more about those two hotties.

  17. urdeadwrong

    obama/biden 08

  18. ShiftyKapree

    post this on 10 videos in one hour or else you will die in seven days. if you post these on 10 videos in 1 hour tomorrow will be the best day of your life.

  19. CrocodileAvoider

    LittleStinky82 – Obama is second on the list in the amount of campaign money received from Fannie Mae. Only Chris Dodd the socialist Senate Banking Committee chairman has received more money than Obummer. What is going on now is the slide into socialism, as personified by the Maxist Obama. The more the government becomes involved in the redistribution of wealth the more socialism we have.  Its a matter of degree, not all or none. And Obama’s success depends on “morons” like you.

  20. hahayouarefunny

    Jackie Broyles ain’t a hillbilly because he’s from Murfreesboro, lol.

  21. LukeFrasierProject

    omfg hilarious loved it!!

  22. rundoetx

    2nd one was boring as hell too. Boycott tonights.
    Campaign For Liberty

  23. boloboffin

    Oh, no, Goff’s.

  24. dickravis

    i would like to place a wager on that.
    (shhhh… nobody tell this monkey what a sucker bet he’s steppin into, ok?)

  25. CrocodileAvoider

    dickraving – nice change of direction and slide back into first base. I gotta admit you are one slick son-of-a-bitch. Obama would be proud to pat you on your teeny tiny head, even though you couldn’t get near him due to all of the ass kissers.

  26. Deep Ellum Dan

    i programmed your website once.. i can do it again… if you all start rocking again

  27. Deep Ellum Dan

    Do something!!!!! I want to see you all grow… Never knew why you all laid down low when you had it all given to you… you deserve the high life… try it…

  28. 515o1

    Hell some one please send me thier songs via mp3 or idgaf how, l f@#kin love this group would die for album. Please

  29. dcs2690

    Now that’s a band with BALLS.

  30. 2001deadman

    its just what a drinkin man do’s lmao,love this band!!!

  31. ImThaHooligan

    who gives a flying fuck what looks they give? I know I sure don’t Phoenix isint much better but it doesn’t change me or my music , or how loud I listen too it, :)

  32. supermemojo

    bout time to call Professor SmIth & WessoColt!!!!!!!!! LUv u

  33. Omnomalisk

    description is wrong midland texas is now filled with wetbacks wannabe gangs they ruin everything you play rock n roll metal etc they will give you ugly looks

  34. 3dhuck

    RIP Lance you were always the greatest to my mom and dad and I see you in a few bro

  35. Marilon04

    RIP Lance Patterson

  36. dannyhill1971lives

    I want some mother fuckin grits eggs and bacon bitch. Get your ass in that kitchen and cook…

  37. slagdraggin1313

    Good stuff,right there…D.A.Coe was right!!!!

  38. kingpatrick69

    Thurber, and Pumpjack.  Rock.

  39. bigdaddycrash

    Well! If this is the direction Southern Rock is goin’…. FUCKIN’ LET IT ROLL W.F.O!

  40. HBK2423

    Hell yea, u guys know good music then my friend

  41. metalhead076

    these guy’s kick ass…london ontario canada loves texas metal…we would love to see pump jack and texas hippie coalition here.

  42. donvalleydon

    Smokin’ tune!
    Lots of grit!

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