Aug 02

Damnation Alley 1977 part 1

Nuclear war survivors embark on a cross-country road trip in a 12-wheel amphibious vehicle called the Landmaster to investigate the source of a signal, encountering flesh-eating bugs and blasting hillbillies with RPGs along the way. www.youtube.com


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  1. amazingdany

    Very, very bad movie.

    What a waste of time borrowing the Blu-ray at my library. Pic wasn’t that good anyway.

  2. EntertaningAmerica

    LOL at the scene when they intercept the ICBMs, no way in the world would that be possible, not even today…. they can shoot down some of the bombers, but the missiles would be in space…

  3. EntertaningAmerica

    yeah like they would survive.. they were lied to anyway… impossible for them to survive, they would either be insinerated in the bunker, or entombed for the next couple thousand years, cause its not like anyone was gonna dig em up… country would be the medieval europe by then

  4. monsterzeroJr

    The silliest thing about the opening shots of the movie (I don’t know if you’ve noticed) is that the missile launch silo and NORAD are housed in the same building. At any moment in time, George Peppard can abandon his missile control post in the silo (a court-marshal offense in real life) and he can come upstairs to NORAD to say hi.

    In reality missile silo crews, if they survived the retaliatory strike at all, were entombed underground for weeks, living waiting for radiation levels to drop off.

  5. brainstormfloatin

    Im 15 and i think this is an awesome movie they should never remake it george peppard is one of the best

  6. TheReboot70

    this was an ok movie .unfortunatley timeing is everything in this case.it was kind of overshadowed by a little film called “star wars. go fig….

  7. mayfieldc23

    I liked jan michael vincent in ” the mechanic” with charles bronson. Good ole post apocalyptic movies. Better than these “cartoon” cg movies nowadays. Thanks for shareing this little classic.

  8. westernbody

    War…war never changes…

  9. Villiago

    Hard cheese old man!

  10. rexrex118


  11. BarneySaysHi

    I hardly recognise George Peppard with that moustache! And the young Jan-Michael Vincent! Two guys that were to star in two of my favorite youth series!

  12. alonenjersey

    Charlotte? My sister & her family would be wiped out.

  13. CaptNemo100

    Now you know where the movie “War Games” got it’s intro from :D

  14. Springbok295

    Best line: “Salt Lake City is over run with cockroaches!!!”

  15. add996

    Really great movie but to be honest the radioactive fallout from all those strikes would have contaminated the earth for a thousand years or more!

  16. jbdonald1

    Stringfellow and Hannibal in a movie together! Awesome!

    You have a great channel

  17. spacepatrolman

    that was supposed to be it was hit by an ABM but some got through

  18. lydiahoggarth

    Thumbs up if you agree that the FX in this film are so realistic as compared to some of the hokey stuff people like James Cameron trot out today…

  19. lydiahoggarth

    “You maniacs!! You blew it up! Damn you! GODDAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!” So, yea…

  20. pbdye

    The failed launch at 8:40 is somewhat morbidly funny if you imagine the missile personified and saying “I think I can, I think I can, I *think* I can!”

  21. stingray4real

    George Peppeard and Jan-Michael Vincent both starred in in successful action TV series in the 1980s,George Peppard in The A Team and Jan-Michael Vincent in Airwolf.

  22. golfguy214

    The new THAAD missile program in the late 1990′s is designed to intercept said enemy missiles. Lockheed-Martin designed the missiles; Raytheon built the radar.

  23. DavidFullam

    Charlotte NC. Blown off the face of the map.

  24. Godzillaman

    What’s your hometown?

  25. Austinlivin

    Before I googled dystopian, the opening music and tempo had me thinking: Airplane.

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