Aug 03

Eskimo Joe – Liar

Music video for Eskimo Joe’s song ‘Liar’ directed by Nash Edgerton. This was Nash’s first music video. The video also features – Kieran Darcy-Smith, Damon Herriman, Tony Lynch, Terry Serio, Justin Smith and Katherine Slattery. March 2002 www.bluetonguefilms.com Visit Our Online Store www.cafepress.com Twitter www.twitter.com

Straight No Chaser performing at IU Bloomington 4/12/10 A medley of many different TV Theme songs: a little of SpongeBobSquarepants and Cheers (Soloist: Walter Chase), Full House (Soloist: Michael Luginbill), Andy Griffith Show (whistlers: Seggie Isho and Dan Ponce), The Beverly Hillbillies (Soloist: Charlie Mechling), The Greatest American Hero (Soloist: Dan Ponce), Different Strokes, The Brady Bunch (mini solos: Jerome Collins, Tyler Trepp, Randy Stine)


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  1. bluetonguefilms

    thanks :)

  2. pnkdieselgrl

    This video is captivating… I cant stop watching it :) its so gripping and sad but the nobility of how he just accepts his fate.. pretty bad ass………

  3. angelairutledge

    Ah ha! Now I understand how this song ended up in an episode of, “The Secret Life of Us.” Nash Edgerton is the brother of Joel Edgerton, who was a star on the show. Interesting.

  4. tandrewya

    Still so good. Such a good song!

  5. MrAdamWayneGistarb

    Very well done.

  6. bluetonguefilms

    thanks :) 

  7. zombiekyd

    this is definitely my faveskimo clip :)

  8. lacrosseplayer49

    I think this could probably be my favorite song of all time.

  9. Emlis16

    I like how different members randomly stumble :P

  10. llSvelll

    Wow, love this band and this song ! <3
    The video is so amazing ! :) 

  11. missgOObee

    Love it!! Brilliant Clip

  12. joppymusic

    great clip, great song… hope you can make a clip for my band one day

  13. bluetonguefilms

    thanks. we’re really glad you dig the video. yes Nash came up with the concept. :)

  14. bluetonguefilms

    no it doesn’t. but dan is in the one for The Sleepy Jackson’s “Good Dancers” that we did.

  15. carrjudd

    When this came out I saw it on a kids Saturday morning tv show. I couldn’t believe it. Great clip by the way.

  16. minuteforce

    It’s funny that the original “Black Fingernails” video was, like, banned, but this video was allowed to win awards. ;D

  17. slyme1711

    this and wake up are my fave Eski clips

  18. elroy0077

    I’m sorry I just realised that the Director Nash Edgerton could read my comment! Truly awsome filmclip! Did u come up with the concept? Its like being stupid enough to date a Milat and then pissing her off! Truly Australian in concept, I love it! (and I just live down the road from the real Milat compound.. which is probably why I immediately think Belangalo National Park when I see the clip to Liar). Bravo!

  19. elroy0077

    Was just in the mood for some Eskimo Joe.. What a clip! Best Aussie band, just love em!

  20. bluetonguefilms

    thanks. ‘the sweater song’ and ‘california’ are great videos!!!

  21. mcgillagorrila

    Simply Brilliant, I can get enough of this clip…. a masterpeice..

  22. olleywoodstudios

    Haven’t seen this in ages. It’s certainly up there with the top videos of all time. Up there with the Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry Clips. The Nash Edgerton version of ‘The Sweater Song’ or and ‘California’ by Spike Jonze.

  23. bluetonguefilms

    thanks :) 

  24. rglmusic

    this is by far one of my favourite videos ever, I want to thank the dude who made it

  25. tadpoletony

    brilliant video, comes together so well. Kudos!

  26. Kala Goodnight

    I love Randy hes so funny =)

  27. bandgeek4100

    @sdiiro1 I agree!

  28. sdiiro1

    The Rest Of The Straight No Chaser Guys Should Have Sang Happy Birthday To The Bass Singer Mr Charlie Mechling Don’t You Think So Sis.

  29. slexiful

    I do miss Growing Pains and Perfect Strangers and Spider-man…

  30. slexiful

    And the person who did the info left out Dave Roberts on the Brady Bunch theme.

  31. slexiful

    @dancerrxbabe I did when I was five! YEAH!

  32. dancerrxbabe

    thumbs up if you’re a teenager and know every word to the Full House theme song (:

  33. nateshoemaker1

    This guy sounds like dane cook

  34. Gyrchen

    hilarious! u guys rock

  35. pianolamb18

    full house was definitely my favorite show when I was little…I have 5 of the seasons on dvd…I would listen to the opening EVERY time if Mike was singing it! <3

  36. LoveLakink

    LMAO this one is always entertaining….including YOUR singing courtney lol!! I love how Seggie always gets sooo into “swaying” and moving his body lol

  37. clmcnett

    I know! I love Charlie too!!! He was cracking me up that night (his birthday) and was so good spirited!!! He loved the birthday cupcakes I gave him too! :) I crack up at the end everytime though….. Randy surprised me with his ending!!!

  38. lasarahliz

    Charlie is awesome :)

    I can’t stop smiling when I watch this :) :)

  39. sarahfosnaught

    I freakin’ love Charlie! Lol.

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