Aug 04

Steven Seagal in Fire Down Below, Pool Hall Fight Scene

default Steven Seagal in Fire Down Below, Pool Hall Fight Scene

Steven Seagal is an EPA officer headed for an eco-showdown in Appalachian mining country Video footage- Warner Bros. Fire Down Below copyright 1997
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  1. toekneeeyeoweme

    Always glad to help someone find great music!

  2. jackelliot13


  3. toekneeeyeoweme

    Good eye!

  4. toekneeeyeoweme

    LOL @ 2:02

  5. toekneeeyeoweme

    Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters

  6. watch3200

    @mttvmzt yeah even i searched for 2 weeks for a better software to make high depth tones. But you can make some damn insane beats with this software. Its finally been released to the public. i managed to download from here >>> bit.ly/Mz7nsL?=gaejti

  7. DudeNamedNam

    Thanks for uploading thing in high quality!d

  8. jackelliot13

    I can’t believe I don’t remember this but what is the name of the song at the beginning of the video?

  9. Dibrini

    The Civil War: Short Version

  10. capovicenzo

    my hero steven…..

  11. matiasddiaz

    I the Best steaven

  12. PremierAutoMan86

    I found an error!!! LoL look closely at 0:12 there’s someone already holding the bag!!! Look at the hand and then they magically disappear!

  13. PremierAutoMan86

    Why the hell are Seagal’s bar fight 1997 and older so freakin comedic??? I ROFL at this and the Out for Justice bar scene and he always manages to kick some huge guy’s ass x-D

  14. lazurm

    I guess you’ve never experienced the pain and immediate end of the will to fight after gettin’ hit where it really hurts, eh?

  15. lazurm

    Because he’s nosy, broke and there.

  16. MrLazyandlovingit

    forrest gump @ 1:30

  17. ranzerbi29

    the name of this song is – “Mannish Boy” by Muddy Waters

  18. 890slay

    Junior, if your daddy knew how stupid you were he would trade you in for a pet monkey. lol.

  19. keiko909

    cos it makes guys drop like a sack of shit.

  20. ultimatesol

    seems seagal loves the indoors

  21. jetrage69

    its funny stuff :) hehe

  22. TheDagBoy98

    i love when he kicks out the shit of those ugly bar people they really smell man -_-

  23. azinov13

    what is the name of the music

  24. brianmacful

    seriously WHY is steven always hitting guys in the balls??

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