Aug 05

John McCain Is Falling Apart

default John McCain Is Falling Apart

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  1. theEricoeric

    John Mc does a great intimation of a coat hanger.

  2. RedSoxForObama

    Wait, we won the election?

  3. TechnoDevotee

    senility is kicking in

  4. bbphnix

    He won; you happy?

  5. steelersguy74

    Goddamnit Billy!

  6. cupmyplums

    Freudian slit.

  7. MsRawrPink


    go to realzionistnews com

    and see who you are evil zionist criminals occupying and terrorizing US


  8. Bandtx

    Lmao the crowd was like hmm did he just say he agreed with the obama supporters and disagreed with us? am i suppose to cheer?

  9. surfn123

    Country first. Who’s country?

    What a joke.

    His Amnesty plan killed him.

    McCain is more then a buffoon. He is traitor. He is a discrace to the uniform.

  10. Gorim

    CLEARLY! And he is damn proud of it!

  11. reidyreid23

    this is the funniest

  12. Hazmat347

    McCain gave himself an elbow from the sky.

  13. archetype1979

    it was all faked

  14. 5032THFullest

    It is very sad how Pensylvania is the most racist state of our nation.

    Statistics show (somewhere) that the majority of americans are racist. I’m not racist but “all it takes is a fraction of a second”.


  15. Jackroyd6

    LOL “McCain I couldnt agree with them more”, fumble oh hes dropped it again its running away from him. oh no John

  16. acrophobe

    of cooooooooooouuuuuuuuurrrrrse

  17. traderjts

    taxing me via my utility bill so the government can alter the climate?

    Ask your parents what they think of that.

  18. bearchewtoy75

    We did. He won. Thank you.

  19. tubby6t9

    define “this”?

  20. clairebreedlove26

    ★★★★Vote For Obama 2008!★★★★
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    ★★★★Vote For Obama 2008!★★★★

  21. peteykkk

    Please Read: Her Name is Ms. ANN, on YOUTUBE. It tells the whole story. Listen to James Manning. It will change how you think! sharpton is the worst example of blacks! he is an idiot!

  22. traderjts

    I am really strating to hate obama..

    this isn’t change its the same bs

  23. smcobb99


  24. Hazmat347

    He’ll be dead by then. LOL.

  25. Auchrain


    Pennsylvania is a BLUE state! =D

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