Aug 07

Damnation Alley 1977 part 3

Nuclear war survivors embark on a cross-country road trip in a 12-wheel amphibious vehicle called the Landmaster to investigate the source of a signal, encountering flesh-eating bugs and blasting hillbillies with RPGs along the way. Part 3/6.
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  1. Kenshiroit

    are they not going to radiation test anything?????

  2. EntertaningAmerica

    5:27 LOL the flag on his shirt is upside down……

  3. dukes0916

    See Kids… THIS is why you always wear your seat belts!
    Always loved this flic! Although if I remember correctly… in the book they are a group of bikers that decide to make the journey. Not sure why they changed it to military men. Possibly because Mr. Perpard made a better SAC officer then a motorcycle leader?

  4. mrmarcusweathers

    yup me too..thats too funny, wonder what happen to it…it was cool just sittin there..off the 101 frwy

  5. Johohohallo

    No, that’s every movie starring Miley Cyrus, the Olson Twins, Paris Hilton and SpiceWorld the Movie and let’s not forget that horrible Sci-Fi- Scientology flick from Travolta.

  6. TheZeke1974

    The special effects are worse then Logans Run! LOL

  7. 1abcrr1

    the landmastr hah i was driveing up a los angelus freeway in the early 1980′s i seen it parked on the side off the freeway very cool

  8. Jwend392

    My gods. I just heard that line in my head in Crow T. Robot’s voice…

  9. sidearmsalpha

    Were Paul Winfield and Jesse Jackson fraternal brothers separated at birth?

  10. 181stTIE

    Great post war world, the only machinery that survives are trucks that tip over in a light breeze and one armed bandits that only pay on a single line.
    Just shoot me now….please.

  11. VideosTester

    Well, I wouldn’t put too much credibility into the science of a movie in which a nuclear war results in ‘armor-plated’ flesh-eating cockroaches and giant size mannequin-eating scorpions.

  12. MinxHayse

    The EMP would have fried the computer chips

  13. stingray4real

    The Landmaster was ahead of time with it’s satnav !

  14. RavnDream

    7:40 Is this really necessary to bring up right now?

  15. UTubeIsTrackingYou

    One roll and the Supermachine is toast? Pfft.

  16. Serpentsevensix

    Thanks for posting this!

  17. scabbard56

    The Landmaster is designed to withstand stresses of……Doh! LOL!

  18. masonccc

    Jerry Goldsmith score ROCKS here!!!

  19. mdp66666

    ok first Lt bob is death no great loss

  20. yakulanicksan

    WoW!!! that movie become’s better and better.

  21. japittrich

    Now the slots are hitting. Great.

  22. Syrinx69

    There was another vehicle similar to this in a 70′s Saturday morning show called ARK II (I believe)

  23. Nemesis7293

    That porn starring your mother was much worse.

  24. Nemesis7293

    Why are the French such pigs?

  25. koln1996

    What the hell is Mmle. Sanda doing here???
    Why do French actresses always end up in terrible American films???

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