Aug 09

Buddy Ebsen dancing 1978

Veteran hoofer Buddy Ebsen gets a chance to return to his dancing days with this enjoyable bit of soft-shoe from 1978


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  1. sam jimenez

    he would have been good in the wizard of oz

  2. not2tees

    Buddy was a great guy who was both warm and cool at the same time. I knew him as Davy Crockett’s sidekick, Georgie Russel, until I discovered him in 2012 dancing up a storm in the Captain January clips here on YT.

  3. radiowwww

    Buddy bsen has a great history, but my favorite images of him  come from the beverly hillbillies, Jed Clampett. I have been kicked out of many roleplaying groups, where people i did not want to play with anyway, were repulsed by my Jed Clampett persona, and my old hillbilly roleplaying routine. Jed Clampett, and barnaby jones have been all over thw orld as my avatar, and no one ever notices, this is Just Jed clampett”.

  4. radiowwww

    Cool, hop[e you like him as much as the rest of us. This guy has been my avatar for as long as i have been on the internet. I still have not learned how to upload images from my phone. i just copy and paste

  5. renascencewoman

    he moves better than i do, and i’m 51. :)

  6. uucp

    I just watched him in Broadway Melody of 1936. He was totally charming, and a gifted dancer.

  7. sdrtysrtyfghdfuhrdtu

    Marry a beutiful Latino lady rockmycity.info

  8. hobokenplayboy

     i know someone who shares his birthday. her name is andrea. she was born in 1971 when buddy turned 63 years old. i’d also like to add that his actual given name was christian ebsen. i did look it up.

    andrea is a descendent of the ojibway tribe which means she is native american.

  9. RockNRoll418

    my grandpa had an interview with him and according to him hes a really nice guy

  10. hdregmore

    Weeeell doggie, looka there.

  11. squiffydoodle

    He always stayed so slim and trim

  12. sas71

    Buddy had a long and amazing career but for me he will always be my Uncle Jed.

  13. villagegaytv

    What a lovable and sexy guy!

  14. sausanacademy

    I just adore Buddy Ebsen! Always have since I first saw him in a Shirley Temple movie.

  15. jelloclub

    im related to him!!!!!!! my last name is ebsen

  16. vuhdooch

    More about Buddy’s hot dog eating prowess: While 600 hot dogs may be a slight exaggeration (though not far from the truth), Buddy could indeed put them away! In his early days as dancer, Buddy toured with his sister, Vilma. The whole hot dog thing started because after a night of strenuous dancing, they both really needed to replenish those calories. Over time, this turned into a sibling rivalry to see who could best the other. Interestingly enough, Vilma often won those contests!

  17. aldichiara

    Few people know that Buddy holds the North American record for consuming boiled hot dogs. Buddy ate over 600 of the tastey tubes in less than one hour. He stopped only when he was asked to leave the church he was in when he attempted the feat.

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