Aug 15

Revision 2012 – PC Demo

05:12 Distorted Memories by )olt 09:57 Spring Brought Us Dry Withered Flowers by Brainstorm and Traction 13:52 Gonzo Gong by Powerteam 15:41 Short Transmission by Edge of Panic 19:15 Crystal Meth in Space by The Artfull Hillbillies 23:30 New World Old Skool by T_S=RTX1911=,q/nonoil 26:14 ReText by Brainstorm 29:47 salmiakritski by darklite 33:36 Blockparty 5 Non-Invitation by SVatG & Desire 36:43 Bring me a flower by Numtek & Femke Japing 39:16 Axxelerate by Frequency & Popsy Team 42:31 Machine by Ümlaüt Design 45:25 0×4 by Linus, Zalza & Michu 47:51 PC-06: Rev.2 by GRX/PandaCube 52:09 FLP-PordTuo by maq/floppy 56:18 Rite of Ember by Nuance & Hermaniak 59:17 Omnis ars imitatio naturae est by Nuance^eXtrait 63:35 Variform2 by Kewlers

Early makes his debut as “The Big E” on “Cool 1680, The Heat.”


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  1. 3Gyro

    Okay yeah sorry, didn’t realize how sending fuckings to Kewlers worked.

  2. Gradius2k

    LOL hard @PrismalsWorld

  3. Demoras

    Well, I read this on wikipedia:
    ‘It is also common for other demogroups to, instead of sending greetings, send “fuckings” to Kewlers as their sign of gratitude and respect.’
    So who knows?

  4. 3Gyro

    Holy fuck calm down. Did they kill your parents or something?

  5. PrismalsWorld

    Fuck you Kewlers you fucking animal cunts. Fucking fucktard fucked up fucks.

  6. JohanKH

    Awesome video. Thanks :)

  7. Kristian Weiseth

    dubmood was trolling again…

  8. shoyrumaster11

    Love the shouting of the word AMIGA!

  9. Lavalambtron

    This is getting big!

  10. dafimperator

    The music in Jolt’s demo is blowing away . This is the real scene spirit

  11. BlackStarEOP

    You don’t say

  12. George Tsiros

    i think kewlers are messing with us.

  13. SlawQ

    … gon-zo… GONG! ;D

  14. ZLau13

    The last one (and its text) made me laugh so much! Maybe ’cause I’m finnish :D
    Just lol for that attemp to read that crap :D

  15. ELkuken

    The last demo made me worried my neighbours would finally realize my level of sanity.

  16. dylte

    Next year I will come along with Jolt and not just seeing our production being played via videolink :) – I want german beer too! :D

  17. suparichieh

    next year i’ll be there too!

  18. Simon Broome

    Some folks might say that the PC Demo has become Staid and Cliche. But then Kewlers come back and shake everything up!

    Great compo. :)

  19. ejm1225

    Remember, the cream!

  20. smithnek94

    I wonder what Early would think of Obama…

  21. TheMango121


  22. Zsparrow

    Oh my god I love his mug.

  23. ThreeDeadPolice

    Cash Rules Everything Around Me. “the creeeaaam!” fuck the business man

  24. SirKoto51

    0:47 Look everyone it’s Bill O’reilly 

  25. ChachaChapati

    Put another asterisk for Dougal County.

  26. 94Littleone

    It’s like Rush Limbaugh, in squid form.

  27. ShadowWolfRising

    its like watching fox news, but this is funny.

  28. TKplaysART

    This was my fav episode!!

  29. MrA7X117

    *Douglas County

  30. MrA7X117

    Fun Fact: Dougle County is actually based off of Duoglas County Georgia which is where the creator of this show lives.

  31. Klagermeister

    @Jdog13425 the point is there’s no E in USA. Now make with the damn laughy sounds!

  32. Jdog13425

    It should have been: You can’t spell freedom, you can’t spell liberty, you cant spell America, without THE BIG E.

  33. thirdeye311

    @juststfu…..what the fuck did that even mean? Was that a drunken YouTube post or u literally a genius of epic proportions? I’m kidding, ur a fuck tard….read what u wrote captain America…idiot

  34. bigmoney4635

    Rush Limbaugh

  35. casucasueq

    your 30 second adds being played to me 10 times a day

  36. Badtreewater

    you might say; Big E, you quit school’n in the third grade

  37. Nate0514

    Your logic makes no sense. I’m talking about people who comment “first!” all the damn time. Me commenting on that has nothing to do with whether I care about it or not…

  38. absolutionis

    You clearly care enough to say all that…

  39. MrJuststfu

    this show am jeenis

  40. Fis10n

    this show is genious

  41. BigCatDipper41

    all dem other double O’ers!!
    consider your lid flipped son!!!!!!!!!

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