Aug 16

NewsBusted 7/15/11

Topics in today’s show: — President Obama says economic challenges weren’t created overnight — Rumors Biden will be replaced with Andrew Cuomo — Biden has a Twitter — Michele Bachmann said Obama thinks Tea Party is “just a bunch of toothless hillbillies” — Maria Shriver filed for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger — News Corps sold MySpace — Lindsay Lohan celebrated 25th birthday — Bill O’Reilly to portray a murder suspect in TNT showStarring: Jodi Miller Production: Dialog New Media Feeling generous? Text ‘NewsBusters’ to 85944 to make a contribution to keep ‘Busted going strong. NewsBusted is a comedy webcast about the news of the day, uploaded every Tuesday and every Friday. If you like the show, be sure to tell your friends and family! Feel free to post your comments on this video, we love them. We also love seeing how many people won’t read this disclaimer and realize the laughtrack is a joke itself. Think you’re funny? Send your (short) jokes to newsbusted at dialognewmedia.com. If we use them, we’ll pay you USD for each one.


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  1. thevisionary2007

    They need to pull back on the canned laughter. SNL didn’t get laughs like that back when they were funny. Otherwise, it is pretty good.

  2. Hello59239

    NC and VA are south of Maryland and voted for Obama and FL.

  3. gregmz68

    Something that actually makes me laugh!!!

  4. wb5704

    biden joke was funny:)

  5. Politicalboxers

    The Boxers want to take a bite out of Biden.

  6. thejaymanx111

    Down here, we spell it ‘twat’… no offense ;o)

  7. KJAV1611

    I live in Western New York. Trust me, New Yorker’s hate Albany and NYC with a passion! Those locations are what is WRONG, VERY WRONG, with New York State.

  8. DudleyaSetchellii

    Another Hollywood like comment from the Land of the Fruits and Nuts.

  9. iamdakey

    Melissa McCarthy: “Look away! Look away!” As she takes a dump in the kitchen sink. This is much like what this TeaBagging site does each week as it spews out its bull&%^$. Another line from Melissa: “I’m not even sure what end that came out of”. Oh…we know what end. Yes we do.

  10. jamesglord

    making threats to seniors and the disabled has not helped him at all.

  11. joker102877

    Obama and Cuomo didn’t like this video.

  12. Teletran35

    Well I hope that means that he will not be re-elected

  13. Loneranger320

    Joe Biteme,the Twit in Chief!

  14. 3martijns

    Looks like Arnie Swart proved how smart he is – throwing away a Fortune by having an affair with an Ugly woman!!

  15. pimpdalyrical

    Hey, we could be into the second term of vice president John Edwards right now….

  16. Harb40

    Jodi Miller is my future ex-mistress. She just doesn’t know it yet.

    Twitter is the perfect place for Biden. Twit, Biden, the words are interchangeable.

  17. carlindelco

    And that is WHY it is successful!!!! If you guys could learn… you would ahh learn lol

  18. ZebraRake666

    I don’t know, but I do know the least taxed state is “rich repuglican”.

  19. GermanConquistador08

    And Cuomo basically told the New Yokr bishops who railed against him on the gay marriage bill to go fuck themselves, so yeah. Hes got America and the Catholic Church’s disapproval. I’d say Anthony Wieners got a better shot at being vice-president.

  20. tjbollman1

    Why? What did WE do? We work hard and pay our taxes like the rest of the USA.

  21. dirtyblondny

    Biden has a Twiitter account. So the twit got a twiiter account. How appropriate ..

  22. squidb8

    Bill O’Rielly is main stream media.

    Arnold housekeeper is married, so he doesn’t even get to keep her. Maybe they’ll let him keep his weed.

    Loved the MySpace for sale on EBay.

  23. Politicalboxers

    The Boxers say keep Biden, he’s a good comedian and we need the laughs.

  24. posterworld5

    isn’t New York the MOST EXPENSIVE TAX STATE????
    Yeah we need him alright????

  25. dewerbylhserf

    Thanks N.B

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