Aug 17

Jefferson DeBlanc, Coon-Ace Dogfights: Guadalcanal 1 of 2

I saw the original post of this segment and it did not include the entire segment. Here is the entire segment in 2 parts, especially since someone commented on the validity of JD’s Medal of Honor In honor of Jefferson DeBlanc WWII Dogfighting Ace Medal of Honor Winner Fellow COON ASS !!! (Coon-Ass = Cajun in Louisiana and we are proud to be called so, for all you yankees & rednecks that want to cry racism) Catch the rest of “Dogfights” on “The History Channel” It really is an excellent show.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. 16rumpole

    how many 21 year old males nowadays, could show the type of courage and fortitude that Jeff Deblanc did? I doubt very many of the Snooki generation could.

  2. 16rumpole

    this is what they call a rajinn cajun

  3. tchimmerroks

    The narrator mentioned that DeBlanc’s wingman was a SSG. This is the first I’ve ever heard that a Non-commissioned officer piloted aircraft in the U.S. Navy (U.S.M.C.?) in WWII?

  4. amfmstudios

    He was a beloved teacher who kept us entertained with his stories and inspired many to a career of pilot.

  5. KatarnandKanos

    this man is incredible. he was a damn fine example of our country’s best.

  6. USAFuturePilot

    my dads old Physics teacher :D D

  7. haydenlandry

    from my hometown(:

  8. BigMoInAZ

    Would have loved to seen Mr. LeBlanc at our upcoming H.S. Reunion in Vegas! He was a thoughtful, caring, and gracious teacher and I along with thousands of my school mates from AFCENT The Netherlands will never forget this great American hero!  R.I.P. sir! We will miss you, C/O 1976! GO LIONS!!!!!!!

  9. spinmonkey4401

    Thank you for your service, Sir. RIP

  10. MIT1369

    Thanks much for posting the whole thing. It’s so good to be abel to show the stories of our WWII vets to the youngsters.
    “Lest We Forget!”

  11. shadowdragonsensei

    Thank you guys, I appreciate all the comments. Colonel Jeff was my grandfather so I’d hear his stories all the time growing up! He was a brilliant man, and I do miss him. I remember he would even teach classes at the nature trail near where he lived in St. Martinville. RIP Jeff DeBlanc

  12. mikedo6

    You don’t get the M.O.H. for keeping your bowels regular! OF COURSE he earned it!!!

  13. P51F86F4F15F22

    us cajuns r simple nice people we a real family kind of people we like to eat our gumbo and boudin and boiled crawfish (crayfish for u yanks)

  14. P51F86F4F15F22

    i live dead center of cajun country

  15. Namnarooni

    Actually, his accent is mid range to mild as far as most older Cajun’s go…

    Man’ yoo got to get down dare to da island (Forked/Pecan Island) ware mah family is frum… Poo yai !! Dey got dee accent down dare cher’ !

  16. Namnarooni

    Ah, ya gotta get down to Cajun country – You’ll hear plenty of colorful accents and stories. And I mean SW Louisiana, in the Lafayette area – New Orleans is NOT Cajun country, contrary to what the tourism industry would have you believe.

  17. felixu95

    Lol. You can find me in a rubber raft, and the sharks’ll be there too.

  18. felixu95

    they show israeli pilots in “Dogfights of the IAF” and german and english in “the First Dogfighters” but that’s about it.

  19. 9caps2hell

    great video!

    no Hollyword writer could even imagine a character like Jefferson DeBlanc. if you met this guy on the street you’d think he was so over the top with the story thats contained in this video and its second part.

  20. CMDRFandragon

    In IL2 I hate all the Navy’s fighters….they are slow, manuverable as boats and dont have alot of firepower…in IL2 it seems MG’s of any kind dont do much

  21. CMDRFandragon

    Yeah there is Dogfights; The First dogfighters…I think its here on youtube or it was

  22. Eldriant

    Do ‘Dogfights’ have any dogfights during WW1?


    yes it an awsome show but its mainly american dont show many other aces from other country’s which is a shame

  24. carnivalofsouls2047

    The History Channel’s Dogfight series is one of the best informative and entertaining series on television today. I just checked out about 12 episodes on Netflix and I thought they were fantastic. The reenactments using computer graphics lend’s itself well and hearing the first hand accounts from the pilots themselves adds to the package. I would like to own the entire series on DVD if they are available. 5 stars to the brave men and women of combat aviation. I salute you all.

  25. ernestryles

    he was my moms science teacher in high school

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