Aug 19

Give me back my whisky

default Give me back my whisky

Ortis Lee Crenshaw’s lament to the tainting of a fine Scottish malt.


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  1. TheLeo22701

    My girlfriend didn’t respond well to me saying that :(

  2. TheMimifur

    I realised that it was quite poor taste to quote this song to Texans who wanted to drink Jack Daniels.

  3. granger18trains

    thank you for that…i’ll have a search for that name !

  4. TheMimifur

    An apology by an American for raping the single malt. Who couldn’t love Rich Hall?

  5. TheMimifur

    Rich Hall must be a son of Speyside!

  6. jfrogg007

    “Whiskey” is a perfectly valid spelling. It comes from the Gaelic (that is to say, Irish and Scottish) uisc(g)e beatha. Getting parochial about the spelling is utterly pointless.

  7. Crankjerk

    His stage name is Myron t Buttram but I believe his real name is Rob Childs.

  8. Piatasify

    Thank you for Rich Hall, US.

  9. MichaelAndyDodds

    Can’t wait to see him in May!

  10. FORlifeENT

    love the song but at 0:43 does that guy have Hitler mustache

  11. granger18trains

    who is the guitarist ?

  12. gaspode18

    They can’t spell it either.

  13. gaspode18

    Nope: –

    Scotch = Good drink
    JD = Good for clearing drains.

  14. Bigtooly

    good performance, but they could use really a sound engineer, the mix is terrible and really dampens the enjoyment

  15. crumlin08

    lol well played sir

  16. legandrydirk

    You should get restrained before you drink it then.Some peaple pay good money for that sort of thing

  17. crumlin08

    no i get the tackled to the grounds by two armed men with funny hats and hand culfs lol lovely n nice in small doses, fuckin nuclear in large quantities

  18. legandrydirk

    Do you get the sneazies?

  19. Antihochos

    JD= good mixer

    Scotch= good drink

    Who is with me?

  20. TheMimifur

    Rich Hall is a god.

  21. RaunchyRocker

    God Damn Right ! Single malt whiskey jeeez Ambrozia !

  22. NotApplicableful

    you know its good when the video has 107 likes and 0 dislikes

  23. stonebogart

    I am surprised he doesn’t credit Slobberbone since the chorus is their song “Give Me Back My Dog”.

  24. crumlin08

    i cant drink irish or scots wiskey i can only drink bourban, but its proper wreck the house gear tho if nt treated with the upmost..

  25. samara147able

    He’s just so funny, bollocks to politics!

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