Aug 20

Jefferson DeBlanc, Coon-Ace ! Dogfights: Guadalcanal 2 of 2

default Jefferson DeBlanc, Coon Ace ! Dogfights: Guadalcanal 2 of 2

I saw the original post of this segment and it did not include the entire segment. Here is the entire segment in 2 parts, especially since someone commented on the validity of JD’s Medal of Honor In honor of Jefferson DeBlanc WWII Dogfighting Ace Medal of Honor Winner Fellow COON ASS !!! (Coon-Ass = Cajun in Louisiana and we are proud to be called so, for all you yankees & rednecks that want to cry racism) Catch “Dogfights” on “The History Channel”. It really is an excellent show


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  1. 16rumpole

    3 people are not worth a ten pound sack of rice

  2. 16rumpole

    “I’m not a hero, but I have to live with my conscience. And if I didn’t do what I was supposed to do then I’m derelict in my duty.”
    That is perhaps the most inspiring quote I have ever read.
    Jeff Deblanc—my hero

  3. b3rno

    thank you

  4. 2Young4OldFashioned

    He says ” I looked at him and he looked at me and I could recognize that man today, and you’ll say “you’re crazy man”, well but when you kill somebody during war and you see them, you’ll witness what i’m talking about”.

  5. Chris Malcheski

    This man defines “hero.”  There should be monuments to him in every city. Absolutely amazing human being.

  6. P51F86F4F15F22

    where you from, did all of you stay in the marsh on went along the coast and did any of you try to surf fish for sand or speckled trout or red fish.

  7. goodapollo81

    didnt do ne pole fishing but got sum shrimp and crabs out of the golf, spent a good amount of time in st. martinville and a few hot nights at the drag strip outside of Baton Rouge. my uncle ray said they were going to throw me in the levi and get sum bayou water in my belly so i’d be a real coon-ass

  8. P51F86F4F15F22

    did you go fishing in henderson and i hope you didnt go swiming in there because you cant see the alligators until u start splashing

  9. moonbeamchaos

    Mais yeah, cher!

  10. rarebreedinNC

    I love to talk to old WWII and Korea marines; they all seem to have the same dignity and sense of duty as Col. DeBlanc.

  11. wildwindsca

    “one sack of rice!” what a comment WOW!

  12. goodapollo81

    I never got to meet the man, but my grandfather Harry “bay” Thibideuax was another student of his. after i graduated last yr i spent 2 eks in henderson La. w/ my gradfather at his bros house. i’m a rowdy boy from Illinois but uncle Ray was right, i got a little cajun cookin from an sum bayou water in my belly. i dont think i ever left there in fact if id had done like they told me “oh boy we gunna have to call yo’ mama and say we gotcho a lil cajun queen and you never comin back”

  13. b3rno

    what he said ? i cant understand

  14. acolytexiv

    “I’m not a hero, but I have to live with my conscience. And if I didn’t do what I was supposed to do then I’m derelicting my duty.”
    The definition of a hero.

  15. P51F86F4F15F22

    how does it make u sad he lived and got the medal of honor

  16. P51F86F4F15F22

    hey anybody besides me a coon-ass in here

  17. deadspirit90

    2:44 – 2:50 made me lol

  18. J35T


  19. 2Young4OldFashioned

    Pretty powerful words 6:12-6:32

  20. ultracyclist1

    Mr. “D” (as we called him) was my physics and geometry teacher at the AFCENT Int’l school in the late 70s. Dr. DeBlanc was quite a colorful teacher! Sadly, he passed away in late 2007. He will be missed.

  21. carnivalofsouls2047

    The History Channel’s Dogfight series is one of the best informative and entertaining series on television today. I just checked out about 12 episodes on Netflix and I thought they were fantastic. The reenactments using computer graphics lend’s itself well and hearing the first hand accounts from the pilots themselves adds to the package. I would like to own the entire series on DVD if they are available. 5 stars to the brave men and women of combat aviation. I salute you all.

  22. benedicto16

    if ur reading this and bored

    wow. :( this vid makes me so sad. some1 msg me!! xD eF

  23. MIT1369

    Semper Fi! To the old Devil Dog from another.

  24. 54spiritedwill54

    DeBlanc get the job done.

  25. driftkingz109

    in 5:51 to 5:53 the narrator said zero instead of oscar lol

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