Mar 30

Where Free Speech and Political Correctness Collide: Rednecks, Racists and Other Outcasts

In this week’s vodcast, John Whitehead shines a light on the growing underclass of Americans—many of whom have been labeled racists, rednecks and religious b…

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  1. soulure

    This is precisely my viewpoint on free speech. Thank you for posting it.

  2. davidcononie

    It takes character to stand up for someones free speak even if you disagree, but in reality that should be easy to do. ” I disagree, but say your peace brother.” Mr. Whitehead is right on the money as always.
    drive on america
    no war, no fed, no patriot act, no war powers act, true freedom

  3. Jae Kae

    Great explanation. I’ve always thought of free speech vs hate speech, and this video helped me get a clearer picture.

  4. spiffybumble

    perfect tune to end your commentary.

    I won’t back down.

    thanks for fighting the first for ‘everyone’ John

  5. Frank Billo

    Worse than AIDS?

  6. pellypates

    people are the worst thing on earth

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