Mar 31

Speaking Southern (rednecks, stereotypes) stories from my grandmother

I’m just goofing off. Thought I would make another video about speaking Southern. I have many stories that my grandmother told me and I’ll share some of them…

This person came out of no where to jump in front of me and try to block… Did i look like someone who wronged them before? nope! thats Calvert county for y…


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  1. billboardnumber1

    bad audio - humming sound.

  2. tacoma200

    Well thanks for the compliment. Though I’m from the Tennessee area and he from the Southern Ga. area I find we have a lot in common. The accent from South Carolina to New Orleans changes but there are more similarities than differences. Most Southerners have similar accents, but not exactly the same. Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)

  3. MrCollin419

    Hey brother, you sound like luke bryan a little bit when you talk haha. You from Georgia?

  4. Xcaret916

    I went to visit my parents home town in Mexico. My family migrated to California back in the day, but recently folks are relocating to Southern States, Tenn, Miss, Georgia NC…ect. For the most part, alot folks are bilingual. But I met family members and friends whom spoke with a Southen Accent. I said , huh? I had to liscend very carefully, by the third day it became easer to understand. Im from NorCal, Ive never met a Mexican with a South Drawl, kinda kewel.

  5. countryrockpunkgirl

    my Spanish teacher hates when we say no ma’m and yes ma’m. She’s from the North, I guess it’s a joke up there. My class hates it cause we’ve just about all said and she gets so mad, that’s just how we were raised to say yes ma’m and sir. But whatever. A lot of my friends say there proud to be a redneck, I wouldn’t say that, just cause all of the bad things associated with it. Besides I ain’t really a redneck, maybe just a little Southern Belle.

  6. Leigh Hudson

    hey i live near nashville, and i’ve never heard anyone say pop, i think it might be a northern thing, we just say coke or soda or drink, never ever does anyone say pop… just thought i’d answer that

  7. commonwhitecollege

    I can not hear you!

  8. mandotoot

    Fire=far Bear=bier Tire=tar care =keer Rare=wrire liar=lar Window=winder Pillow= Pillar potato=tater tomato=mater ( I could go on for days with this) but thats just an example of how words are translated in the mountains of east tennessee.

  9. BaronNathanel

    I don’t know if you say this be we dont say, i’m going to take a shower. we say: Imma take a share! YES IMMA and SHARE! lol. at least that is what it sounds like. I’m on the south eastern border of kentucky just above tennessee on I-75 so I get all of this, LOL. Oh and do they say Soda or POP in nashville? Oh, and YOURs is said YERS here. lol, you can add that to a southern video if ya want. lol. and we say LOU vole for louisville. I had army trouble too like that too, haha.

  10. csapatriot01

    hey, how about that, my grandma was from Gallatin, great grandpa worked on the L & N (but he was from Scotsville).

  11. csapatriot01

    oh another one, my mom always says
    “thee ate ‘er” (theatre)

    let’s go see a movie at the “thee ate er”

  12. csapatriot01

    Do you know what a “Brew thru” (Brew through) is? :)

  13. Jane Doe

    “boy you betta clothes them blinds, folks’ll shoot ya just to see ya fall”

  14. hippibilly

    Hose Pipe= Garden Hose, “Skoo”= School, “Poor as Job’s Turkey”=Not good, “At’ll make a cat climb up a thorn tree backerds”=Very good, as in moonshine or chess pie, “Dip-stick”=Idiot , “Heathern”=unruly kid, RC=any soft drink that’s not a coke, “Blowin Smoke up yer *ss=someone told you a lie, “Pole Cat”=skunk, “Varmint”=any unwanted vermin or a dispicable person, “Aaighnt!!”= a sound that yer pappy might make if you git caught playin’ with the hose pipe. Stops all heatherns dead in their tracks.

  15. StephSilvermen

    I love your southern accent videos!

  16. thatdumbkid

    I was laughing and almost tumped over! Haha, I’m sure you know what I mean.

    Your accent kinda reminds me of some of my cousins. They live in Moody, Alabama. I live in the outskirts of Birmingham, and while we’re more southern sounding than those who live in Birmingham, we don’t sound quite as “redneck” as others.

    When I was younger, I wanted to “water down” my accent. I hated it. I think I’m learning to appreciate it a little more now, though…

  17. jamess8866442200

    Great stuff! I love your accent videos.

  18. Daniel Windsor-Jones

    HEY, WATCH IT! I’m from that county and that’s why moved out of it

  19. sinuldecpetion

    Damn what an ass he should have just lane split shits unnecessary what he doin right now , hell it be to his benefit if anything .

  20. MrMrgangstamaine

    I love calvert county

  21. MrMrgangstamaine

    I live in huntingtown I live by the road always be having accidents

  22. jeff brown

    People in this conty r dumb

  23. telecasterbear

    i hope you used your directional for that fancy lane change

  24. Charlie Irons

    im in dunkirk

  25. svvirvin

    cool song bro…..

  26. shiabaybay

    Prince Frederick always be having crazy drivers at.

  27. BoomBoy13

    i love calvert county

  28. longboardninjas

    i live in calvert county

  29. Tungsten23

    you shoulda rode up on his rear wheel and watched him wheelie into ur hood.

  30. billyp257

    that is an african american and you probably cut him off and didnt realize it

  31. TheSpecialgirl2014

    hey, i live in montgomery, whats wrong with it?

  32. Mark Moody

    yea TRUE MARYLAND; unlike Howard, Montogomery, and PG Community Counties!!

  33. lr33720

    *sigh* i miss good ol’ CC… 1:30 got my first speeding ticket right there. good times

  34. inachu

    typical redneckmaryland driver. I got one in germantown a grey car super agressive driver on great seneca driven by an old man who looks either greek or italian who tailgates big time and goes 75 in a 45 zone all the time even. Ran into him 3 other times on the road. He is totally careless.

  35. John Hardester

    I hate drivers that drive beside you and never pass. And what happened next????

  36. John Hardester

    I hate drivers that drive beside you and never pass.

  37. MediocreShaneB

    well the guy on the bike drives like all the other rednecks and it was in hillbillyland so deductive reasoning tells me he is a redneck, jap bike or not!

  38. mik3h4rts

    rednecks dont touch those peice a shit jap bikes in calvert get ur facts straight i know, i live there…

  39. chevymonte1

    Hahaha good ol prince frederick. Better yet- good ol route 4. Noone knows how to drive.

  40. FORUMS69

    lol i live like 10 min from there

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