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Feb 15

Amos n Andy for more goto www.ravenmadtheater.com

Amos and Andy was one of the funniest and most beloved television and radio shows of all time. Alvin Childress (Amos), Tim Moore (Kingfish) and Spencer Williams Jr. (Andy) were three of the finest comics of all time. Who can forget hearing “Holy Mackerel Andy!,” and ” I’se regusted, Andy!” The raw talent and humor …

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May 14

More pot smokin rednecks in mason ohio

More pot smokin trailer trash from 4142 Marble Ridge Drive in mason. Police do not care about anything in mason ohio so beware if you are thinking about moving here. The drugs and speeding through neighborhood streets is rampant and getting worse. just imagine when these hillbillies get old enough to drink and drive. This …

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Apr 03

The World Needs a Few More Rednecks

My Redneck Family in the Back Yard

Feb 18

Charlie Daniels Band – A few More Rednecks

Charlie Daniels Band – A few more Rednecks