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Mar 31

Speaking Southern (rednecks, stereotypes) stories from my grandmother

I’m just goofing off. Thought I would make another video about speaking Southern. I have many stories that my grandmother told me and I’ll share some of them… This person came out of no where to jump in front of me and try to block… Did i look like someone who wronged them before? nope! …

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Feb 03

Topher gets drunk and calls me AGAIN telling me stories

If people like this i’ll make more. I’ve recorded many of Topher’s stories without him noticing

Nov 14

GTA Liberty City Stories: LCFR – Heartland Values (pt1)

Stream: youtube.com This program is a talk show parodying The Dr. Phil Show (though Dr. Phil’s show started in 2003, five years after the year LCS takes place). It has a live in-studio audience and is hosted by a southern hillbilly/Redneck named Nurse Bob. The name “Nurse Bob” is itself a reference to talk show …

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Jun 19

GTA Vice City Stories: VCPR – Bait and Switch (pt1)

Stream: youtube.com A fishing show with two stereotypical rednecks and Vietnam War veterans as hosts, taped at the Vice City Boat Show. They have a feature on the Vice City Boat show, with guest Kenny Crane. Larry Joe – A typical redneck who enjoys beer, hunting and fishing. He’s relatively dedicated to his sport, although …

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